How To Get Blog Post Ideas?

All through my blogging experience, I’ve come across people facing different kind of problems in blogging. And when someone analyzes their list of problems, the thing that stands on top is writing a blog post and getting blog post ideas. Every now and then, I’d also faced it until I found a permanent solution for it. What I say is, open your eyes, they are already around you.

Coming up with a unique blog post idea isn’t a myth. It’s just the way you look at the things around you. Here I am listing out some idea boxes which I use and which may be useful for you too.

blog post ideas

Read, Read and Read

An obvious tip; the more you read, the more you can write. Even now, I read many other blogs which include Mashable, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, ProBlogger and some other too. Make a list of top blogs in your niche and follow them. Reading such number of blog posts fills your brain with ideas. You get ideas in writing new content, related ideas to your existing content and much more. Reading can also improve your writing skills. I’m sure you’ll start writing better, when you read a lot.

Look Into Some Magazines

Works the best! When you’ve nothing running in your mind and you’re completely in a bizarre, I suggest reading some magazine and watching TV programs related to your niche. And I must say, when some one is writing an article with reference to a magazine, they usually copy-paste things. Don’t ever do that! Take it as a source of inspiration and do not exhibit your copy blogging skills.

Trending Topics

Next one, get some inspiration from trending topics on web. You can go through Google Alerts where you see such form asking to fill it out.

blog post ideas

Enter your desired keyword where you see Search query and you’ll get a list of trending topics around web directly to your email address. Once you get it, go through those posts and I’m sure you’ll end up with lots of new ideas striking your brains.

Dig Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Answers which is known to be the best Q&A platform online can be your source to write great posts. People ask thousands of questions every hour and most of them get answered. So choose your niche in Yahoo answers directory and then search for those questions which are likely to be a quality blog posts. You can extract a huge list of How-To’s from such sites.

Look Into Flashback

Get some time machine and go back to those days, when you’re nothing but a newbie to your niche. At least try to remember those days where you find it difficult with most parts of blogging. Thats it! You got few more blog post ideas. The problems you faced in your early days are the same another newbie in your niche is facing now. So write detailed tutorials on them. Don’t hesitate if it’s a silly problem. Remember, once you’d gone crazy because of the same problem. So start writing and you’ll soon get some good quality traffic too.

Where do you get blog post ideas for your blog? Do let me know, if there are any other sources that can help our readers.

Save blog post ideas for future

Maintain a Google doc or a text file to save the blog post ideas you get while at work, travel or playing. When you are out of ideas, pick a post idea from the doc and write it.

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  1. I usually create a list when I found something amazing.. Through this, I write about that topic in future. But Yahoo Answers is really new to me.. This will really help me when I become helpless. Also, you can try newsmap !!!! This will help you a lot in each and every category.. 🙂

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