get paid iPhone iPad apps for free

Apple devices are known for their Design Style and Apps. Now you can get FREE Full version iPhone,iPad Apps. The Instructions mentioned below are for In-App purchases and may or may not work with App store.

get paid iPhone iPad apps for free

What is In-App Purchases ?

With iOS 3.0 or later, you can purchase subscriptions and extra content from within an application using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Some examples of In-App Purchases are bonus game levels/maps, additional experience points, subscriptions, and recurring services.

#Step 1. Jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad

To get free full version  iPhone,iPad Apps from App Store you need to have a device that is Jailbroken If your device is Jailbroken the move to Step 2 else read this manual to Jailbreak your iPhone.

#Step 2. Install Cydia

Once the device is Jailbroken now you are free to install the Third Party App Cydia. Install Cydia and then open this App.

#Step 3. Tweak Cydia Repo

The next step involves adding REPO into your Device via Cydia. For this Tap “Manage”, then “Sources”. Select “Edit” and then “Add”. Add the repo in the address bar and click add source:

Free iPhone apps

#Step 4. Get iAPCracker

Once the above steps are completed the next step is to search for iAP Cracker  in Cydia and install it.


#Step 5. Get the Cracked Apps and Enjoy

Once you have completed all the steps above and installed iAPCracker the crack App would help you download the cracked apps of your choice.To check if the App works or not refer this List of Apps that will work with this trick.

iAP cracker cracks easy dlc/in-app purchases,as long as the game/app doesn’t check the purchase with a server. It uses mobile substrate for this: buy something in-app and you’ll get it free!

It is for in-app purchases not app store purchases

It won’t ask for an iTunes login when you make a purchase. if it does try to confirm a purchase then its NOT WORKING and WILL COST YOU MONEY.

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  • March 30, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    I’ve done as suggested here in the article but now the apps are crashing while trying to start for in-app-purchase. Suggest what to do here. Thanks.


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