How to Get More Likes on Facebook and Followers on Twitter

“How to get more likes on Facebook page and more followers on Twitter?” may be the question for many newbie bloggers and online business man. Here is an easy way to make an exponential increase in those numbers. If you are planning to follow this then you are just a few clicks away from your dream number which you might have thought impossible for you to obtain.

Step 1:

Follow this link and register yourself with your email address or you can even sign up with twitter.

Step 2:

On signing up you will be given 10 seeds. Everything here is measured in terms of seeds. Now if you want to increase your twitter followers then add your twitter to Twiends or if you want to get more fans to your Facebook page then link you Facebook account and add your page.

Step 3:

Click on the connect button and sign in with your Facebook account. Then add your Facebook page to it. You can even do the same for twitter. No need to worry about your password’s security, it is the same Facebook API and also a https connection so it is secured and no chance of misuse of your account details.

Step 4:

Set your interests so that Twiends server will suggest you people based on your interests.

Step 5:

To use Twiends platform effectively, first you have to understand how it works. Initially when you sign-up you will be given some seeds. You can attract others and make them like your page by giving them some seeds. So to get more likes you have get more seeds and to get seeds you have to like others page or purchase the seeds. You are also allowed to change the number of seeds offered to others in settings page.

Step 6:

Follow a few people from the suggested list and set the number of seeds to be given to others as you like and then watch your profile for a few minutes then you can find some messages moving upwards with a message that xxxxx has followed you or liked your page. You can even confirm this by checking your Facebook and twitter profile.

Tips should be followed while using

1)      If you want to increase both Facebook and twitter numbers then link both your accounts and first increase twitter followers to the number you want and then turn off the twitter in settings and then get seeds and wait for people to like your Facebook page. Since following tweeps is easy many people follow others in twitter so if Facebook and twitter are active then only twitter uses all the seeds and makes Facebook to get no likes.

2)      You can also use the seeds obtained by following people in twitter to get Facebook fans. You have to turn twitter off to do this.

3)      For twitter it’s better to offer 2 seeds per follow(the default setting is the same) and for Facebook to get instant results offer 3-4 seeds per like or you can even offer 2 seeds but results will take time.

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