How To Get Multi Window On Any Device

These days people live more on devices and less in life. In order to bring more productivity from their devices most people choose devices capable of multi tasking, as it is the biggest feature in any smart phone. This feature made smart phones as one of their necessary need. The smart phone leader Samsung took a step ahead and brought another feature called multi window feature which enables to work on a split screen on a single device simultaneously. This feature can be enabled on any Android device with the below methods, but there are some prerequisites to have multi window, i.e., it should be an Android device and should be rooted.

This feature may not be much useful for the phones, but it is more useful for the tablets and larger screen mobiles where you can do multi tasking in multi window. Along with this you need to have an Xposed installer and a multi window sidebar app.

Steps To Follow

  • Download Xposed installer
  • Go to settings and then application settings
  • Select unknown sources
  • Then open Xposed installer file and hit framework
  • Select “install/update
  • Select “allow/grant” if a super user request window pops up
  • Don’t select reboot when the app asks, hit “cancel” instead
  • Select “download” from the menu bar on Xposed Installer app
  • Hunt for “Xmultiwindow” and take it
  • Swipe to right, you’ll get a line “versions” tab and select “download” on the latest variant
  • Now install Xmultiwindow app
  • Then proceed to “modules” from the menu of the Xposed installer app
  • Break out the Xmultiwindow is checked ON.
  • Now reboot your phone
  • After rebooting select the multi window sidebar app
  • Immediately add all your favourite apps by selecting the apps
  • Side by side, pick out “Drag Launch Mode” and select “Xmultiwindow
  • Enjoy it after selecting the placement of the sidebar
How To Get Multi Window On Any Device
How To Get Multi Window On Any Device

Alternative Method

  • Download Xposed Installer, Halo))) and Xhalo floating windows
  • First install Xposed installer on the desired android device
  • Open Xposed and select the “install” in framework section
  • This time, reboot the device entirely opposite from the previous method
  • Open Xposed again and select the modules section
  • Now select”‘tick” on the Xhalo floating window
  • Now select the Halo))) file and install it along with Xhalo floating windows
  • Open Xhalo floating window app to change the settings in the starting itself
  • Now bring up the device again and wait for activating it
  • Open ring and select the apps that you are desired to restrain in the sidebar menu and these apps should be invested in floating windows.
  • Directly pick out the station of the notification bar, i.e., Where is it going to take place?
  • Today enjoy the multitasking notification bar.

This feature can make your device more attractive but make sure while installing this application. It should curb at least 1GB RAM and snapdragon processor to move the sidebar efficiently. The least important thing is to be sure your screen should be about 7 inches so that you can enjoy the image of multi window. Yeah, this is true. You can’t enjoy functioning of two windows if you have screen size of less than 7 inches. It’s difficult to envision what’s happening on the multi window panel.

Now enjoy the multi tasking in multi window on any desired android device.

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