Facebook spam

Facebook is spammy, isn’t it? You will be spammed even through Facebook chat! It will be like :

Hey!! is this photo yours? OMG! ---> http://bit.ly/f64W10

Click on these links and BAM! You are already advertising underwear on your wall or even worse this can share a porn link without your permission spoiling all your reputation in your group of friends.

So, in this article I will tell you how to get rid of Facebook spam links in news feed and trust me after doing this you will never need to scan your news feed yourselves to eliminate spam. There is no hard-to-apply or complex trick to detect and remove unwanted posts from your timeline. It is just a normal application like others. Isn’t it funny that an app from the App store adds some unwanted posts without your permission, and from the very same store, another app helps you to remove them? Anyway, lets move on and cleanup your profile to get rid of “embarrassment”.

Norton Safe Web on FB

We are going to use, Norton Safe Web for Facebook  app, this is the best and the most useful app on Facebook. Norton is a very reputed and trusted name in security field, so there is no space for checking if it works or whatever. After you give necessary permissions, this app will scan your news feed for spammy links and report it to you if it finds any. You can also enable the app’s Auto Scan feature so that it can automatically scan & report spam links, if any to you.

Access the Facebook App Norton Safe Web.

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