Complete Tutorial to Remove Google Redirect Virus

Google redirect virus is one of the latest viruses that have attacked the cyberspace. Although sharing many similarities with predominant adware, it affects not the PC interface but your web browser.

Google Redirect Virus cannot be removed by simply changing the web browser to any other good internet web explorer because this virus gets installed through a Trojan horse in your windows program files.


One way to get rid of Google redirect virus is undoubtedly system format but that is never recommended so following are some way to get rid of Google Redirect Virus. But before that’s let’s find the sources for future precautions.

Origination of Google Redirect Virus

This virus is probably another way to promote affiliate links and ads on the website. The virus cloaks results on Google whenever you hit search with its own affiliate links put into it by the programmer.

Although it might not be that danger to your PC as these are just ads but pop-up blinders and similar ads are something that are most irritating things on the web.

You would never want to get 2-3 pop-windows open every time you click “Search”. It is a more complex code similar to adware and since it is new, most antivirus programs are waiting for virus database update.

Some Characteristics of Google Redirect Virus

One indication that your PC has been struck by this virus is that your search results would open irrelevant spam and malicious sites. It also somehow modifies programs, especially antivirus programs to show bad commands.


The virus may force your PC to show errors in program files. It may decline installation of new software and games by display “Setup Files Corrupted, please check the source of download again” and similar stuff, after a while it becomes very irritating.

It also infects web browsers on your system to open malicious websites.

Step-by-Step Guide to Kick Google Redirect Virus out of your HDD

For this tutorial to work you would need a software called Spyware Doctor, since the software is not available for free, you can try Anti Malwarebytes. Spyware Doctor Software is preferred.

Click Start à Run and then type “devmgmt.msc”, now click on OK and then wait till the Device Manager open up

In Device Manager, click on “View à Show Hidden Devices”, now try to locate “TDSSserv.sys” do right-click then click on Disable.

Please do not select the Un-install option or else the virus would come back once you reboot your PC.


Once you have done above mentioned steps, you would be able to install new programs, it is the right time to install a good spyware remover and let it do all the virus killing on your hard drives.

Make sure you either go for a paid Spyware remove software or Anti MalwareBytes because anything you download illegally is itself smudged with thousand of worms and spy codes.

I hope this tutorial would have helped you get rid of the virus. Please comment below for any questions about this tutorial guide on How to Remove Google Redirection Virus.

2 thoughts on “How to Remove Google Redirect Virus, Adware, Malware from Computer

  • December 28, 2010 at 4:38 am

    This is a very vague (at best) and incomplete guide to combating this infection – essentially it boils down to “disable the TDS Driver and let the antivirus software do it’s work!” that in itself is not enough to clean all trace of this problem and reverse all the settings that it changes. More over, this seems like more of plug for spyware doctor disguised with a tiny bit of useful advice to get you hooked. Yes, the free malwarebytes is also mentioned but not recommended primarily. Well in my own professional experience as a computer tech. Malwarebytes is actually much more effective then spyware doctor in the detection and removal of these newer, more sophisticated attacks, but again is not enough by itself and that is where this whole post was a waste of time as it doesn’t provide a step by step process of removing temp files, registry entries, resetting browser connection settings, cleaning the hosts file, etc. etc. – all of the things the automated software often misses. Search elsewhere like if you want real help with this or start with Kasperskys free downloadable TDS killer and go from there.

  • December 27, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Hey Satish, please tell me how much did i earn for this blog post?


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