How to get the new YouTube look RIGHT NOW!!

How to get the new YouTube look RIGHT NOW!!

YouTube is preparing to roll out its new look which make this biggest video sharing website more “Social”. The most noticeable things in the new look is the better and more visible Google+ integration.

Definitely, the new look is complimentary to Google+ and the design looks like its sibling. In this post I will tell you how you can easily get the new YouTube look.

Right now I’ve just been able to find a way to get the new look on Google Chrome (and all the Chromium based browsers such as Rockmelt etc.), Firefox.

Get the new YouTube look

So we will first do this in Google Chrome. Follow the steps properly.

Google Chrome (..and all Chromium based browsers)

  • Open and press Ctrl+Shift+J.
  • This will open up the Chrome console and now you have to copy and paste the line of code given below.


  • Press Enter and you are done. 
  • Reload the page and voila! 
Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Firefox and install the Firebug addon for Firefox. Get it here.
  • After it is installed, open
  • Right click on the page and choose Inspect element with Firebug.
  • Click on Console and paste:
  • Reload the page and you are done. 

So now that you have successfully enabled the new UI lets explore some highlighted factors.


New Home Page


Video Page

new youtube look ui

To see more examples just follow the above used method to get the new YouTube look and enjoy!!

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