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Windows XP was a huge success of Microsoft. Windows 7 was yet another successful version that belongs to Microsoft’s Windows family. Windows has tons of improvements to increase the user experience. Among all the new features of Windows 7, Desktop Gadget is one of the most popular features. By using the Gadget menu, you can add variety of gadgets on your desktop.

Windows 10

For example, if you do not like the regular time and date in the Taskbar, you can use a gadget on your desktop to show fancy watch and calendar. Not only clock and calendar but also you have the option to add puzzle to play, weather, feed reader to read latest news, CPU meter and more others. The most interesting thing was you were allowed to install third-party gadgets to get more things done.

Microsoft brought huge changes in Windows 8 and other subsequent versions. They added huge number of new features like Metro start screen etc. Even Windows 10 brings more enhancements than previous versions.

However, Microsoft excluded that great feature called Desktop Gadgets from Windows 8 and newer versions. This feature is missing from all Windows 8 and Windows 8 RTM versions as well as Windows 10 Technical Preview. In fact, Desktop Gadget was an expectation before releasing the technical preview.

If you really need this so called Desktop Gadgets on your Windows 10 desktop, here is a little guide. Although, you cannot make any tweak in your system files in order to bring Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10 but you can certainly get them by making use of a third-party software. This software is known as Sidebar.

This tiny software works on almost all versions of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview.

How to get Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10?

To get this feature, at first download Sidebar app on your Windows 10 and install it. You will get an additional option in your Right Click context menu of desktop.

Difference Before and After INstalling Sidebar

Just click on Gadgets and you will get a window something like the following picture;

get Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10

Now, you can add any available gadget on your desktop by double-click.

If you do not want to keep any gadget or want to uninstall any gadget, just right-click on that particular gadget and click the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Desktop Gadget

Just confirm your uninstallation.

That’s all! Hope this little guide will aid you to get back your favorite feature in Windows 10.

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