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Are you using Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926? If yes, you might have already enabled Cortana, which is one of the most popular digital assistant for Windows Phone. Microsoft has included their very own digital assistant, Cortana, in Windows 10 Build 9926.

If you have enabled Cortana, you have noticed that it is consuming a lot of space in your Taskbar and a minimum space is left to pin various programs to the Taskbar. In all the previous versions, Windows had provided a lot of space to pin your frequently used programs, apps, files etc. to the Taskbar. However, now the scenario is about to change with this newest version of Microsoft Windows.

hide cortana search box

If your monitor is quite large, it should not create any problem. However, if you have a 15.6-inch or less than that laptop and you are running Windows 10 Build 9926, you may have to find out a substitute to taskbar to pin your frequently opened apps.

To solve this problem, today I am going to show you how to hide the Cortana search box from Windows taskbar and enable a simple voice command to use Cortana even when it will be hidden.

At first, you need to hide Cortana search box or make it smaller than default. To do so, just follow the following steps.

How to enable Cortana search button?

Cortana is available in two different looks. First type of appearance is visible to all first time Cortana users. It is known as Cortana Search Box. The second type is called Cortana Search Button, which will let you show a button instead of large search box in your taskbar. To enable Cortana search button, just right click on your taskbar, expand Search menu and select Show Search Icon.

Enable Cortana Search Icon

This change will enable a search button instantly.

Cortana Search Icon

If you are satisfied with this, it is fine.

Now, before hiding the Cortana search box as well as Cortana search button completely, you should enable a voice command, which is called Hey Cortana. This particular voice command will help you to open up the Cortana search without clicking anywhere. You can make use of your digital assistant by giving a voice command.

How to Enable Hey Cortana?

To enable Hey Cortana voice command, open Cortana Setting, at first.

Open Cortana Settings

Then, scroll down and turn on Let Cortana respond when you say “Hey Cortana”.

Enable Hey Cortana

That’s all! Now, you can open Cortana search box using this voice command.

After enabling Hey Cortana, if you want to hide the Cortana Search Button or Cortana Search Box from Windows taskbar, do follow the following steps.

How to hide Cortana Search Box?

At first, right click on Taskbar, expand Search menu and select Disabled.

Hide Cortana Search

Alternatively, you can disable it from Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. To get the same option, right click on your taskbar, select Properties, go to Toolbars tab.

After that, expand the drop-down menu and select Disabled. Then, app the settings.

Hide Cortana Search Box from Taskbar Properties

That’s it! Instead of having a large search box in your taskbar, this is far better to use Hey Cortana voice command and hide the search box.

What do you think about this?

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