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Recently HTC launched Droid DNA and soon the media proclaimed it as one of the finest phone ever made by HTC. It was discovered all of a sudden that the bootloader on the HTC Droid DNA from Version cannot be locked through the company’s own bootloader unlocking procedure. On top of this, the HTC Droid DNA including root and ClockworkMod recovery was getting hacked due to the failure to unlock the bootloader which was a major problem for the entire HTC Company. Recently I let you aware of unlocking the Bootloader on HTC One X+ and installing TWRP Recovery, this time it is for HTC Droid DNA.

HTC Droid DNA TWRP Recovery Installation

But the scenario has changed for the better with the introduction of TWRP recovery that is basically a custom recovery that easily locks the bootloader on HTC Droid DNA, thereby eliminating the chances of hacking of the device. This particular custom recovery solution was designed by XDA Recognized Developer, Dees Troy.

TWRP Recovery Function

  • TWRP enables the user to apply the basic functionality of flashing custom ROMs, exactly what the ClockworkMod does. This custom recovery software also offers some more useful features like great interface specially designed to impart a smooth touch, an inbuilt file manager, attractive and supportive themes, a much faster backup application and lastly, restore timings.
  • Besides, there are a few other advantages which can be derived from TWRP which together with the primary facilities that are on offer, have made this custom recovery solution the best in business.
  • It is regarded as the most suitable recovery solution for any android based device, be it a cellular phone or any other gadget and its functioning has been made exceedingly simple and convenient for its operators by supplying a user guide where the entire mechanism and control of the entire custom recovery software has been elaborately explained.

But it must be properly understood by the user that the bootloader on the HTC handset must first be unlocked before the recovery process starts that will make the warranty on the Droid DNA totally empty together with which all the data and information within the Droid DNA will be erased. But this does not mean that the data which have been removed are permanently lost.

Such data and information can easily be recovered and restored in the HTC mobile phone. The whole recovery procedure that is undertaken via TWRP has been reported to be a big success as the entire process has been completed flawlessly without even having the least mechanical default. But the only thing that is to be kept in mind is that the warranty should first be lost before implementing the actual recovery process.

Now when the entire process has been made clear, let us see how the TWRP recovery can be flashed on the HTC Droid DNA which has been explained below:-


As far as the compatibility of TWRP recovery solution is concerned, this particular recovery solution is applicable only for HTC Droid DNA and not on any other device of any electronic company whatsoever. This is particularly because the TWRP recovery is strictly configuration specific and works only when a suitable HTC Droid DNA configuration is available. Therefore, one must be careful that one uses it only in HTC Droid DNA and not just in any random electronic device.


The only concern surrounding the whole recovery process with TWRP is that the entire recovery solution is prone to a lot of risk. Therefore, the user must apply this procedure at his or her own responsibility. Since the procedure is highly risky, the user must carefully go through each and every step that is to be followed to successfully execute the recovery activity. The company cannot be held liable to compensate any loss or damage that is caused in the recovery process.

Now, let us discuss the exact process of installing the TWRP Recovery on HTC Droid DNA which is as follows :-

HTC Droid DNA TWRP Recovery Installation

Unlocking Bootloader of HTC Droid DNA

  • Firstly, in order to flash TWRP recovery, it is required to unlock the bootloader on the device concerned. As soon as the bootloader is unlocked, each and every datum or information get automatically erased from the Droid DNA. Even the information that is stored in the internal memory gets deleted. To overcome this problem, at first, each such information containing contacts, messages and even bookmarks should be transferred to the android backup software to be recovered later. After this, every datum must be immediately copied from the SD card to the computer that should include the information that was transmitted to the android backup software.
  • Secondly, the bootloader on the device should be unlocked to flash the TWRP. But this step may not be followed in case the bootloader is already unlocked on the device.
  • Thirdly, when the bootloader is unlocked, the drivers on the device must be installed on the computer well in advance. If this has not been done, then the HTC Sync Software must be downloaded and then installed on the computer that will ultimately install the drivers as well.
Download HTC Sync software
  • Fourthly, Fastboot should be downloaded that will ultimately flash the TWRP recovery on the device.
  • Fifthly, the downloaded Fastboot should be extracted from the zip file and should be saved in a convenient location or folder.
  • Sixthly, the TWRP image is to be downloaded from the TWRP downloads page.
HTC Droid DNA TWRP Recovery
Phone Look
  • Seventhly, the downloaded recovery image should be copied to the folder where Fastboot is saved.
  • Eighthly, Droid DNA should be turned off. Then, the device should be switched on till the Menu bar appears on the screen of the device. Now, the Fastboot option must be highlighted via volume keys to scroll. Then, this option is to be selected using the Power button to activate the Fastboot mode. When this is done, there will be a notification on the device’s screen- Fastboot USB.
  • Ninthly, the Droid DNA should be connected to the computer using the USB cable. Now, the user should wait till the installing process of the drivers is complete.
  • Tenthly, the Start menu should be clicked following which All Programs must be pressed and then, Accessories should be activated. After this, Command option should be selected by right clicking the mouse and finally, Run should be pressed.
  • Eleventhly, the TWRP image should be flashed on the concerned device.
To do this :-  In command prompt in C:/
Type :- cd C:Fastboot  —- By doing this you are navigated to the folder where the Fastboot zip was extracted.
Type:- fastboot devices —- After typing this you get the unique “Device ID” of your phone. If nothing prompts than again re-install the HTC Sync drivers.
Type :- fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
As soon as the flashing is over a “Okay” message is displayed on the screen.
Type :- fastboot reboot to reboot your HTC Droid DNA and press enter.
HTC Droid DNA TWRP Recovery - Tablet Look
Tablet Look

Lastly, when the aforesaid steps have been followed, TWRP has been successfully installed on the HTC Droid DNA. To continue the booting process, the device should be turned off and then turned on using Volume Down key. Now, with the help of the volume buttons, the RECOVERY option should be scrolled out and selected using the Power buttons tp reboot the device into TWRP.

Let us know if you face any issues in unlocking the bootloader for HTC Droid DNA and installing TWRP Recovery.

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