HTC One X +, has been gaining popularity day by day and developers are constantly working on this. So, we have seen some back to back developments for HTC One X + in the recent days. Recently, unlocking the bootloader algorithm released and after that we saw CWM Recovery following it. Now it is TWRP recovery takes on the ground.

[How To] HTC One X+ Guide to Unlock Bootloader, Install CWM and TWRP

Therefore, here I will explain all the tasks for HTC One X +, one by one, in the form of detailed steps and procedure. If you perform them carefully, then we will be able to explore the new horizons of performance of HTC One X +. Before Starting with the procedure, let me introduce you with some prerequisites to follow.


  • The primary requirement here is to firstly confirm that you have HTC One X + with you and not any other smartphone as the procedure below is strictly for HTC One X +.
  • You need to have a personal computer or a laptop with Windows XP or any of its successors properly installed.
  • Please thoroughly check your system for USB ports, these should not be loose in nature and do not use any USB port which is loose. Using loose ports can be too harmful for your HTC One X +.
  • You must have found the USB cable compatible with HTC One X + in the box, if you do not have the cable for whatever be the reason, please arrange the one compatible with your HTC One X +.
  • HTC Sync Software is one you require to install in the system to detect your phone. If you do not have it, don’t worry, I’ll help you get one in the procedure below.
  • The security apps installed on HTC One X + create many problems while following the below procedure, so you better disable them well in advance.


The below procedures are very risky and might prove hazardous for your HTC One X +, therefore, follow them only when you feel you have the complete knowledge about them. Doing the unlocking bootloader related stuff voids the phone’s warranty, but not to worry, you can get it back by again locking the bootloader and uninstalling the custom ROMs. In any of the case may it be, is not all viable for any loss that might occur to you.

Unlock BootLoader HTC One X +

Prior to install any custom ROMs, HTC One X +’s bootloader needs to be unlocked. This is very important and follow the steps carefully.

1. You must be knowing that unlocking Bootloader and installing Custom ROMs wipes away all the phones data on the internal memory as well as that on the SD card. Make a backup of all the data on your phone.

2. Now, Download the HTC Sync Software, if you do not have it and install it in your computer, as it will help your computer to connect with your HTC One X +. Download it Here.

3. To unlock your HTC One X +, you need a zip file named as FastBoot. You can easily download it from here.

4. Open the Windows drive (generally C:) of your computer and extract the zip file ,downloaded in above step, here. This makes a folder named FastBoot and adds all the ziped files into it.

5. Open your web browser and logon to the and navigate to the Unlock bootloader part of the site. Get registered yourself here if you have not done it before, and just sign in.

6.  In the Unlock Bootloader section, choose the option ” All other supported models” and after that click on to start unlock bootloader.

7. HTC One X + needs to e switched off now.

8. To boot into the Bootloader mode, press Volume Down and Power button at the same time. Now in this mode Volume Up – Down button serve as Up – Down buttons and the Power button serve as Selection button.

9. Hover to the FastBoot option and choose by pressing the Power button.

10. Connect HTC One X + with your system using USB Cable. If it is the first you have connected your HTC One X +, then the computer will take sometime to install all the drivers, or if you have done it before also, the system will quickly detect it.

11. Open the Command Prompt Window by typing CMD in the search box of Start Menu and opening the search result as Administrator.

12. Navigate directly to the fastboot folder in command prompt window by typing cd C:fastboot.

13. Type this command and after that press Enter.

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

14. The screen will now show up a multi liner text. Right click on the command prompt window and select mark option and afterwards select the text in similar fashion as shown in the screenshot below.

HTC One X+ Guide to Unlock Bootloader, Install CWM and TWRP

15. Again in the web browser window where you already had opened HtcDev, paste it in My Device Identifier Token and click on the submit button.

16. A mail will now be sent by HTC in which you have an attached file named Unlock_code of bin format. Download it into your computer in the fastboot folder.

17. Type the below command in the command prompt window and afterwards press Enter.

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

18. The HTC One X + asks for confirmation to unlock the bootloader, use volume button to move to YES and press the Power buton to confirm.

HTC One X +’s Bootloader is now unlocked, when the phone reboots.

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on HTC One X +

Installing CWM Recovery is like opening new prospects of performance of HTC One X +, as many things which were not possible using the Stock Android Recovery are now possible with CWM recovery. Now, coming on to the installation part of this recovery, follow the below procedure very carefully and enjoy the new possibilities.

1. As you have already unlocked the Bootloader, I come directly on to the installation related part of CWM recovery. Download the Image file CWM recovery.

2. Move the downloaded image file in the above step to the fastboot folder (used while unlocking the bootloader) in windows drive.

3. Use your USB cable of HTC One X + to connect the smartphone to the computer. Remember not to use any loose USB ports of your system.

4. Again open the command prompt window as done in the above procedure.

5. Type the following command in the command prompt window to directly navigate to the fastboot folder in the Windows Drive.

cd C:fastboot

6. If the device is detected by the computer, then the following command

will provide us with an ID. Please see to it that your HTC One X + should be properly detected by the computer, otherwise there will be no use of going on to the further steps of procedure.

fastboot devices

7. Typing the below command in command prompt window will initiate the installation of CWM recovery in to the device. Please type the below command carefully.

fastboot flash recovery recovery_v.0.1.img 

8. On completion of installation of CWM Recovery, the screen will display the concerned confirmation.

9. Type in the below command to reboot HTC One X + and afterwards to boot in Bootloader.

fastboot reboot-bootloader

10.When the phone reboots, use the Volume Up-Down keys to move the cursor to CWM Recovery and press the power button to boot into CWM recovery.

Hence, CWM Recovery is now installed on your HTC One X + and explore the new possibilities.

Install TWRP Recovery in HTC One X +

Install TWRP Recovery in HTC One X +

TWRP Recovery similar to CWM recovery adds even more beauty to HTC One X +. Applying Themes, Backing up files, and many more such tasks which were not available with the stock Android Recovery now can be done using TWRP recovery. Following procedure explains you how to go with it to install TWRP in your HTC One X +.

1. If its been some time or days when you unlocked the Bootloader of your HTC One X + and you have been the phone constantly, then my friend you need to back up all your data on the phone like SMS, calender, Contacts, apps, etc. and also the files stored on the SD card need a back up.

2. To install TWRP recovery on your HTC One X +, firstly you need to download the image file of TWRP Recovery.

3. Move the downloaded image file to the fastboot folder. This fastboot folder is stored on your Windows drive which you previously used to perform the unlocking of bootloader and installing CWM Recovery.

4. Switch off the Phone completely and after that switch on by pressing Volume Down button and Power together at once til the screen starts. Use the Volume Up-Down button to move to the fastboot option on the screen and use the power button to select it.

5. Now, the HTC One X + to your computer using the USB cable compatible with your phone.

6. On your computer, open start menu and type CMD in the search box and right-click on the Search result (cmd) and choose the option to open it as administrator.

7. On the command prompt window, type the following commands and hit Enter button to directly navigate to the fastboot folder in the Windows drive(C:).

cd C:fastboot

8. Check whether the phone is properly detected by the computer or not. For proper detection, HTC Sync Software must be installed on your system so that it can install the related drivers when you connect you HTC One X +. if you do not have this software download it here and install it in your system.

9. If the phone is properly detected, type the following command in the command prompt window.

fastboot devices

10. To install TWRP Recovery in your HTC One X +, type the following command in the command prompt window very carefully.

fastboot flash recovery TWRPRecovery.img

11.This will install the TWRP Recovery in your HTC One X + and on completion the screen displays the confirmation of installation.

12. Now, you need to reboot your HTC One X + to boot into bootloader and select TWRP Recovery. For reboot, type the below command in command prompt window and hit enter.

fastboot reboot

13. Now the phone boots into bootloader and use volume up-down button to reach TWRP Recovery and choose it using Power button. The phone will now reboot into TWRP recovery.

Hence, the installation of TWRP is complete and now you can do whatever you want and also those things, which you were not able  to do in stock Android recovery.

Please get back to us if you feel sticking any where and also share with us your experience in the comments section.

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