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Obviously in this era of Smartphones, most of the people do definitely own either an iOS or an Android piece in their pockets. Android phones like HTC One S and others are definitely powerful yet they fail in giving a long battery life.
Many a reasons might be responsible for your phones battery life and at times, we feel it like a miracle if the gadget is capable of lasting for a couple of days. So for all those people whose phones frequently run out of battery, here’s how you can improve your phone’s battery life.

Turn Things Off

I know, phones of these days have outstanding and awesome features like GPS, LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi and many more things which turn up your phone to clouds. But indefinitely, these are the things that can eat up your whole battery. Switching of things like these when not in use can really bring up some more performance from your android’s battery.

Adjust Display

Like every other mobile phone, Android phones also does have an option to change/adjust your screen’s brightness visibility. We don’t live in the dark, do we? So it isn’t quite a necessary thing to push the entire brightness levels of your phone. Find suitable levels to the screen keeping the light sources around you in mind. Full brightness levels really take a lot of life from your Android phone’s mighty battery.
The best preferred suggestion is to turn the Automatic Adjustment mode on as it does all the things itself according to the checklists.

See What’s Taking More

Some apps or widgets or whatever they may be, take more of your battery and so you get a less battery life. Do check the list at Settings > About Phone > Battery Use from your Android phone. Keep the necessary things on and you can obviously trash the rest.

Use Apps To Improve Android Battery Life


juice defender android

JuiceDefender is an excellent Android app to improve your battery life and performance. This app regulates the data connections, screen settings and other things by synchronizing schedules. This app is obviously a free app but it also does have a premium one which have a few more extra add on which worth the price $1.19 and $4.49 for the Plus and the Ultimate versions.

2x Battery

2x Battery is another battery improving app which has some similar features just like JuiceDefender but works well yet. This app turns off the unwanted and unnecessary connections which eat up your Android’s battery life. In addition, this app also shows up a graphical and numerical representation of your Android’s remaining battery life. These apps might not make your phone work for months but are worth to get a few more hours of backup.

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