How To increase RAM of Computer Free of Cost – Best 4 ways

How To increase RAM of Computer Free of Cost – Best 4 ways

If you are suffering from bad computer performance and do not find it good to invest for purchasing a new RAM for your system, then you are at the right spot. The following procedures will help you a bit in improving the system’s performance up to a satisfactory level. The basic solution is to increase RAM capacity of the computer. There can be a numerous ways to go with it.

How To increase RAM of Computer Free of Cost

#4 – Minimize Unnecessary Files to the Task bar to increase RAM capacity

If you work with those kind of files that requires a large amount of RAM and you need to open many of such kinds simultaneously, so the simplest style to increase RAM capacity is to minimize all the files you are not working with at that time. Make it a habit to always minimize the file before leaving and hovering over many files at a time. The computer allocates more RAM Space to those files which are open in the task bar in comparison to those files which have been minimized to the task bar. The difference in the RAM space used in both the scenario may not be huge always but it will definitely make a difference and in case of heavier files there can be considerable change in space used.

You don’t trust me. OK. Try this, just open a file that requires a considerable amount of RAM. As I like editing pictures a lot, so I am opening an Adobe Photoshop here and comparing the amount of RAM used by them in task manager window.

View the below image, how does minimizing the files make a difference.

How To increase RAM of system Free of Cost - taskkiller

How To increase RAM of system Free of Cost - taskkiller way

#3 – Increase RAM Capacity Using Pen Drive or Flash Drive

Many of you may not be knowing that your always companion, your small hard drive – a flash drive, can actually act as your RAM. The pen drive you use to transfer files from one computer to another has now another useful application, acting like RAM. The pen drive may not be as fast as your RAM, but it can prove helpful. I like to play games, and that to which are quite heavier and occupy a large amount of RAM space, like the latest one Need For Speed Most Wanted-2012. It requires 4 GB of RAM space to play properly, but my computer has only 3 GB RAM and only 512 MB Graphics. So, I convert my flash drive into RAM to increase RAM capacity, and it helps seriously.


Using Flash Drive as RAM can be harmful to your computer in case you do not do it properly. In any of the scenario, is not responsible for any loss that may occur to your computer.

If you pull out your Flash Drive while it is acting as RAM, this may CRASH your system, so be careful.

Your Flash drive must be atleast of 2GB space and must be at least 1GB empty, otherwise it may hamper your system.

Never use that flash drive which is a bit loose in the USB slot or do not use that USB slot which due to some reason is loose.

#2 – ReadyBoost Procedure to increase RAM capacity

There is a option called ReadyBoost on the list of options available when the flash drive autoplays (When you insert your flash drive into the USB slot,  Autoplay needs to be Enable also) . There may be some flash drive old enough that “ReadyBoost” option is not there.

1. Put your Flash drive into the USB slot of your computer.

2. After a few moments an AutoPlay menu appears on your screen. This menu has many options like “Open folders to view files”, “Use this drive for BackUp”. There will be an option “Speed Up my System”. Click on this option.

3.  A dialog box of Properties of the flash drive opens up into the ReadyBoost tab. Two options are available here.

4. If you want the whole of flash drive (or the part that is empty)  to act as RAM, click on the option ” Dedicate this device to Readyboost”.

Also if you donot want to use whole of the flash drive as your RAM booster, you may select the option, “Use this device”. Here you can accordingly choose how much space you like to dedicate for RAM usage. For that, move the slider to appropriate position.

5. Click on Apply and then select OK. A momentary small box appears that says ” ReadyBoost is configuring your cache..”.

Now your flash drive acts as RAM and improves your system’s performance.

To stop using flash drive as RAM, follow the below steps:-

1. Open the properties of the flash drive, by right clicking on the icon and choosing “properties”.

2. Select the “ReadyBoost” tab.

3. Click on the “Do not use this device”.

4. Click on Apply and then Click OK. Now you can use your flash drive for normal usage and can also put it out.

#1 – Use Computer’s Hard Disk Drives to increase RAM capacity

The Hard Drive of your system can also be used to increase RAM capacity of the system. Following steps describe you, how to do it.

1. Right Click on the Computer icon on your desktop.

2. Choose Properties option at the bottom of the pop up list. System Properties window will now open up.

3. In the top left corner, you will find option like device manager, system protection, one of them is “Advanced System Settings”, choose this option.

4. A new dialog box of System Properties into Advanced tab opens up.  Choose the Settings option under the Performance Label.

5. A dialog box opens named “Performance Options”, and now choose Advanced tab.

6. Select change button under Virtual Memory section.

7. In the Virtual Memory Dialog box, uncheck the top option on this dialog box, which is related to “Automatically manage paging..”.

8. Select any Drive that you want to use for increasing RAM, and then choose Custom size radio button.

9. Fill the Initial size of RAM space in MBs and also the Maximum Size that RAM can use in MBs. Choose both the numbers wisely and according to the space available, as in my case over 5000 MBs is free and I chose 500 MB as Initial size and 1000 MB as Maximum Size.

10. Click on the Set button and after that click OK button. Now the computer configures the allocated part as RAM and uses it accordingly. You will see the Performance boosts up.

If you have a flash drive compatible with this procedure and you have inserted it in the USB slot, then the computer will show it in the list where you choose the drive in Step 8.  So, you can  accordingly set the options related to size and use it as RAM.

For Utilising the drive as normal, just follow the above steps up to step number 6.

7. Now remove the number in the Initial size and Maximum Size.

8. Further, check the option on the top of the window related to ” Automatically manage paging file size of all drives”.

Now the computer uses the normal RAM for its purposes.

Do let us know how much useful was it for you to increase RAM using above procedures and also tell us about any other way to increase the RAM in the comments section.

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