Increase your internet speed

Increase your internet speed

You must come across many ways that promises you to increase your Internet speed, but unfortunately none of them would have worked. In this post we will be dealing with ways by which you can increase your internet speed.

Before we start, we must have a little background knowledge of what we are going to do. In this process we will be dealing with a term called the DNS which essestialy stands for Domain Name System. For example when you head towards to your address bar typing, you aren’t actually visiting instead you are visiting You can check that yourself that the two things point to the same location. So what is happening is that is just a name given to that crazy bits of numbers. There are dozens of website out there which you visit everyday and its not possible for us to remember that chunk of number of every different website. That’s why a name is assigned to that number and its the DNS. You can think of it in a way that – the names that you save on your cellphone are the DNS names and the numbers are the IP address. So the faster the servers are allocated the more quicker will your page load. So what we are going to do is find a fast server near your location.

So lets start!

Step 1

Download Namebench from here. This is a software from Google which will help you in finding a faster server according to your location.

Step 2

Run the downloaded file and then click on the Extract button.

Step 3

Click on Run Benchmark.

Step 3

After completion you will get a set of 3 Servers, save the names on notepad.

Step 4

Click on Start and then type Network and Sharing Centre on the text module

Step 5

Select Change Adapter Settings from the left hand column of the Window.

Step 6

Right click the adapter which you have in your computer and then select Properties.

Step 7

Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click on Properties.

Step 8

Select Use the following DNS Server address and the insert the Servers address which the Software gave you and then click on OK.

Step 9

You are Done!

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  • November 11, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Please, Mr Rohan Shankar, How do you know is pointed to
    I have some website i want to get their data:


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