Cyanogenmod 11 on Moto G

Cyanogenmod 11 on Moto G


Moto G, one of the hot sellers worldwide. Well, Moto G ships with the stock Android version without any alteration like in Samsung and HTC devices. Cyanogenmod, as discussed earlier is the best choice when you want to install a custom OS on your Android device.

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In this guide we are going to talk about how we can install Cyanogenmod on Moto G which is the mostly asked question in many forums and groups. So coming to the point lets begin.

Installing Cyanogenmod 11 on Moto G

Well, first thing you need to do is to unlock the bootloader in Moto G which is the most necessary part of the process because without it we can’t proceed further. I am not going to write the whole process again as I have already provided the tutorial on the same

cyanogenmod on moto g cyanogenmod on moto g cyanogenmod 11 on moto g

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So now lets get back to the tutorial. Now we need to install a custom Recovery in the device to make it accept the cyanogenmod and gapps that we will flash later after using it. Processor for installing custom recover in the device is below.

  1. First you need to visit to check the availability of your device. be careful in selecting the right device and then download its recover img.
  2. Now connect your device to PC with a USA cable. You need to be very sure that fastboot binary is in your PATH or that you place the recovery image in the same directory as fastboot. If this goes wrong your device can be bricked forever. 
  3. Now open terminal and boot your device into fastboot by typing ‘adb reboot bootloader’. 
  4. Now you need to install recover image, so use this command ‘fastboot flash recovery your_recovery_image.img’. This will make sure that your img file is properly located. 
  5. Now wait for some time and boom your device is now with custom recover. To verify you need to physically go into it by holding volume down and power simultaneously. 
  6. Now in next screen use power down to scroll through options and volume up to select recover option.

Now we have custom recovery on the device. We will now download the Cyanogenmod 11 and Gapps to flash them via recovery. Follow the below mentioned process.

  1. First download Cyanogenmod 11 for the device.
  2. Now download Gapps for the device.
  3. After downloading the files place them into your device. Don’t add them to any folder just copy and paste them.
  4. Now boot into recover mode with the above mentioned steps(Step5) and you will see the recover screen very soon!
  5. First wipe data factory reset and then wide cache partition.
  6. Now go to install zip from SD card and first select the Cyanogenmod  zip file and install it by selecting the YES.
  7. Repeat same process to install Gapps from the storage.
  8. Now on main screen select boot system now and all done! You have Cyanogenmod 11 on the device.

The process seemed to be quite easy to follow. Please do comment if you are having any trouble.


3 thoughts on “How to install Cyanogenmod 11 in Moto G? A quick guide from unlocking bootloader to installing ROM!

  • August 11, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    You have mentioned in step 2 as “Now connect your device to PC with a USA cable”, hope it is not USA and it is USB cable.

  • July 18, 2014 at 12:18 am

    Great tutorial, Aashray. Just what I’ve been looking for, my friend was asking me for it, I’ll refer this guide to him for CM11 installation on his Moto G. Thanks again!

  • July 14, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Thats what i was looking for !! nice stuff


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