install ios 6 beta

Apple during the WWDC (Apple World Wide Developers Conference) keynote, it demonstrated the several new features of iOS 6 and compared the latest version to the former one. There are about two hundred extra features in iOS 6 when compared to iOS 5 including the new maps, turn-by-turn directions, Do Not Disturb service and a much smarter and advanced version of Siri. It has recently released the beta version of iOS 6 for developers to test apps.

install ios 6 beta

But before actually beginning the process of installing iOS 6 beta on your iOS device, you should have an Apple developer account which costs around $99 per year for individuals and $299 for professional companies which are likely to develop iOS apps. Then check whether the UDID of your iOS device is registered with the developer account.

Before you begin, note that the iOS 6 beta version is meant only for developers and not for all iOS users. This version is purely meant to test the working of apps and if you’d like to install this version of iOS on your device, your battery life might fall down as this is still being fully developed.

Installation Process

  • To begin with the process, download and install the latest version of iTunes 10.6.3 which was recently released at the WWDC keynote speech. Now download the iOS 6 beta file or the other important files that are meant to be installed on your device. You can download this from the developer center to which you’ll get the access after registering for the developer account.
install iOS 6 beta
  • Now Connect your device and backup using iTunes. You can however backup using iCloud which is available for iOS 6 but remember, this is just the beta version and so there are possibilities of worse cases. And do encrypt your backup as it saves you from entering password after the restore.

install ios 6 beta

  • Hold down the Option on the keyboard and click on Restore, once the backup is complete.

install ios 6 beta

  • Now select the appropriate IPSW file for the device in which you are going to install the iOS 6 beta.
  • iTunes will now extract the files and install on your device. The device reboots few times and nothing to panic for it. Be patient until the process completes in 10 minutes or more, sometimes.
  • Once you are done with this process, restore the backup that you’ve created initially and iOS 6 beta version is ready on your device. You can get support and answers for all your queries at Apple Developer Forums

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