Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update Download JRO03L Based Codename Android Custom ROM

Go, yell Galaxy Nexus users, Why ? Hmm you got another Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. When it comes about getting an early Jelly Bean update, Google as we all know prefers Galaxy Nexus as the first one to get. Galaxy Nexus was the first device to get an ICS update. Yes officially launched as Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), upgradable to v4.0.4 now has got a scintillating JRO03L Codename Android custom ROM.

Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update  Download JRO03L Based Codename Android Custom ROM

Codename Android has the same follower-ship as AOKP and CM10 has. The ROM is being released as the full stable version, as you know when it comes to Galaxy Nexus ROM’s everything is stable always.

Features of Jelly Bean JRO03L Codename Android ROM

General Features

  • Included file manager to explore various files on your phone.
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile of Bluetooth is available now.
  • Another good feature is that you are enabled to use the volume buttons to move your cursor pointer.
  • Just by flipping your device now you can change the settings of Alarm DeskClock.
  • In browser, an option is added to close all tabs in one go.
  • Facebook contacts can be synced easily.
  • What we found in this ROM is that android screensaver “Screen Candy” is re-enabled.
  • Trebuchet Custom Launcher is added in this ROM.
  • Very famous T-Mobile theme manager is added additionally.
  • DSP manager is also added.
Modified Camera App
  • “Power” button can now be used to take pictures.
  • Seen red-eyed reduction feature, its available now.
  • In addition to ISO support you can use continuous focus.
You are allowed to customize Power menu as well as Status bar.
Status Bar Modification
  • Clock can be customized in a lot way from to its color to its icon. Customize it’s AM/PM style and display day/week style.
  • You can customized battery bar, it’s icon and notification style.
Customization in Message Inbox
  • You can customize time-stamp options in your inbox, can change SMS templates and modify custom vibrations.
Ability to customize “Navigation Bar” buttons.
Nexus dialer customization also available.
nexus dialer
Compatibility :- 

International GSM Galaxy Nexus i9250 is only and only compatible with our below prescribed guide. You should not try this on any other variant of Galaxy Nexus, as flashing ROMs on any other device for which they are not meant for can be risky. Go to “Phone settings > About phone” to check exactly your phone model in case you are unaware of that.

Warning :- 

If you know all about flashing already or have a handy guide describing all the processes clearly then proceed otherwise stop here. We have covered all the steps with full elaboration we can, still if something is missed and your phone is damaged, we or any other member of this site do not hold any responsibility for the damage and you can’t claim it.

How to Install Jelly Bean JRO03L Codename Android ROM on GSM Galaxy Nexus i9250

  •  Backing up Data :- We are about to flash a new custom Codename Android ROM to our Galaxy Nexus which wipes all the data stored on our phone. So backing up our data is a safe hand advise. Begin with your SMS, back them up with the help of app “SMS Backup and Restore”. Do sync your contacts and call logs with Gmail, store all the images, videos and text to any external device. Write down your phone’s APN and MMS settings at a safe place. Sometimes due to a faulty process, anything goes wrong, it’s better we have the settings for our data connection. Do back up every bit of data you have stored on your phone’s internal memory. As this flashing requires you to unlock your phone’s bootloader so also back up everything on your phone’s SD card.
  • Now we suppose you have an unlocked bootloader on your Galaxy Nexus i9250, if not please do so. Unlocking the bootloader is very most essential step to proceed further. Do not proceed if you don’t have an unlocked bootloader, doing so can brick your phone. Unlocking Bootloader voids your warranty so proceed at your own risk.
  • As normally we flash firmware via CWM recovery but this time we advise you to use “Team Win Recovery Project”, it works same as like “CWM recovery”. While installing recovery, better make sure you flash the GSM version of TWRP recovery.
  • Download the Jelly Bean JRO03L Codename Android ROM from given below link provided.


  • As the above firmware package do not have Google Apps added so you need to install Google Apps package to get those apps.
Download Google Apps package
  • Both the ROM and Google Apps package after downloading, copy them to your Nexus. (Make sure you just copy do not extract them).
  • Now we will boot into TWRP recovery. Switch off your phone and press and hold “Volume up and down” buttons together and then press “Power” button altogether till your phone screen is back on again. You scroll down with the help of “Volume buttons” and select by “Power” button. Scroll to option “Reboot system now” and reboot into recovery.
  • Now go back to main menu and tap on “Back up and Restore” to back up your present ROM, in case you face any issues with this ROM later on then you can easily restore your previous ROM. After your current ROM is backed up, go back to main menu option.
  • Scroll down and Choose Wipe > Factory reset > Confirm Yes, Wipe data. This process deletes all your phone’s data except the one on SD card. After data is wiped, Go back to main menu.
  • Scroll down to option “Install” and choose your downloaded copied ROM file on your phone. Select it to install, confirm the installation by selecting “Yes”. After ROM is successfully installed, do this process again to install Google Apps package file copied to your phone earlier.
  • After both ROM and Google Apps package is successfully installed, Reboot into Codename Android ROM. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to boot, so don’t worry if some more time is taken.
Supposing you followed all above steps as mentioned your Galaxy Nexus i9250 must be running Codename Android ROM now. Drop your comments below in case you faced any issues. The ROM is considered as a stable version, so very less bugs and issues are about to come. In case you don’t like the ROM very much after using it, at any point of time you can restore your previous version of ROM by again booting in TWRP recovery and selecting from option “Back up and Restore” your previous ROM. Enjoy all the new tweaks which this ROM have 🙂

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