How To Make A Computer More Secure

Nowadays everyone uses a computer and because of some bad guys in the cyber world the usage has become very dangerous. Those guys make deadly viruses that can act in various ways on your computer and the affects range from stealing personal data to making your computer act in a weird way and damaging the core files of the computer. But you don’t need to freak out because we are here to tell you various ways by which you can secure your computer and protect it from various types of viruses and other threats. So stick with me till the end of the article and witness some of the most easy yet powerful ways by which you can make your computer more secure for your personal data.

But before we proceed we should know about the factors which influence the security of our computer and make it dangerous. Such factors are Operating System, Web Browser, Anti-virus, Security Checks and many more. In this guide we would be focusing on these factors only to make your computer a better place to store credentials. Now without wasting much time I will head you straight to the post!

How To Make A Computer More Secure
How To Make A Computer More Secure

Choose the right OS

Operating System plays a major role in protecting your data. It is said that Windows is vulnerable to most of the viruses where as Linux doesn’t have any known or active virus till now. But if you have an Operating system like Windows then you should follow the upcoming steps to make it more secure.

Decide A web Browser

Web browsers are the things which come next to Operating system and it is the most used thing for some people. Web browsers are a treat for the hackers to inject virus in your computer and they often do so. To protect yourself from such viruses you need to have a good and trustworthy browser. According to the people over the internet and some computer security guys, Chrome is said to be the safest web browser which is followed by Firefox and Internet Explorer. The reason behind Chrome for being awarded as the safest is, it has a Sandbox feature which prevents the virus being spread in the computer and it is limited to the browser only. But still you should take some more measures which are discussed in the post.

Make passwords stronger

Passwords are something which give you a feel of security right from the moment you hear it. But sometimes these passwords can be the cause of great loss if not set properly. Mostly people use some common dictionary words for passwords which result in getting the account hacked. These dictionary words are easily hacked by the hackers by using Brute force Attacks and Dictionary Attacks.

To prevent these type of cases you should take care of the following things while setting a password:-

  • It should be more than 7 characters
  • It should contain Alphabets as well as some Numerics
  • Try to use UPPER CASE and lower case letters with some special characters (follow this step only if you can remember such strong passwords)
  • Never ever store or write your password in the computer, if you want to store them then use a piece of paper.

Visit Trusted Websites

We always visit some sites over the internet but we actually don’t know that it turns out to be a really dangerous stuff when we visit some sites which are not trusted! To prevent yourself from getting in trap of these sites you should install a web filter software (I use Bitdefender) which shows the sites which are safe to visit. Thus, prevents your computer from getting a Virus.

Install Antiviruses

Installing an antivirus is a really important task as it doesn’t only scans for virus but also helps to prevent the incoming virus from any software, internet or any other place. Antivirus doesn’t stop here as it also helps to figure out the keyloggers in the computer which are a major source for hackers to get the information you type.

Never open compressed File on mails

You may find this step a little weird as you are restricted from opening compressed files you get over internet but believe me 90% of the computers are infected through these kind of mails over the internet. I am not saying that you should not open any compressed file but you should not open compressed files from any person you don’t know. There are many compressed files roaming over Facebook too! Below are the names of some of the files like,,, and many more are there. So keep as far as you can keep yourself from these files and be on the safe side.

This was all we could cover in this post but there are many more things which make a computer more secure! We will surely cover them in upcoming posts and if you have something to share with the community then do share it to us in the comments section below! And don’t forget to leave a thanks for us if you found this post useful!

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