How to Make an Android App for Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Creating an app needs great programming skills and time. But if you want to create an android app for your blog, we say, It just need 10 minutes and absolutely no programming skills are needed !  Don’t worry, I am not telling you to head to fiverr or Digitalpoints and hire a coder. You don’t even want to spend a penny for this. They does it free for you.

This site called, helps you in doing that. You just need to register an account in their site and provide you feed and other details to create your app. For non-WP users, directly head to their site and create an account

For WordPress users, For this also, you just need to install a plugin.

I’ll guide you how to do it, with screenshots.

Step 1 ) Register on their site or Install the WP plugin and activate it


Step 2)  open the ‘’ menu (in WP) and Navigate to -> Android. You can add an Icon, The Desired name of your app, and how much notifications you want to provide in a single screen.

Click next to navigate to the next menu where you can select ‘Loading text’ and Process dialogs. Click next once you set them.

Step 3) Now Format the App 

Select the Header image, Color combinations, Descriptions, About text, Buttons, Name the options, Images, others etc and make your app look on the way that you want. Make sure to make it more attractive and a treat to your readers eyes !

Don’t forget to hit ‘save’ once you are done.

Step 4) Now Navigate to Your apps -> select ‘Generate new android app’ to generate the app

Step 5 ) Hmm…Almost Done ! Just tap the ‘Publish app’ button

Here’s your android app ! Download it and share it to your friends or even upload to the android market. You work the app on your droid too.

So, An android app within just 10 mins and without any investment – That’s pretty great, right ?

Their website also claims that an iOS app generator for your blog is also in process. Let’s wait to take your to iPhone too.

Ask any Doubts. We are free to help !