How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on Android Device

Adding multiple Gmail accounts on Android device and managing them is pretty straight and you don’t need to be a geek to experience this in-built feature of core Android software. No matter which device you’re using, this feature is available in all. I’m pretty sure of it as I had checked its existence from Android ICS to KitKat version.

There are two ways, first is limited within Gmail app which you must be using on Android device while second one will allow you to manage two or more Google accounts throughout the Android (i.e. in every Google app).

Benefits of Adding Multiple Gmail Accounts

GmailVery first benefit is pretty clear i.e. you’ll be able to manage multiple Gmail accounts like you’re using primary one.

You don’t need to login/logout spare accounts again and again.

You can stay updated with every conversation going through either your Work or Personal/Private email account.

So there is no point in hating this feature and only reason you shouldn’t be using it is that you’re having a single account.

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts through Gmail App

  • Start Gmail app and swipe towards right from left side to make the sidebar visible. Select/Tap Settings option lying beneath.

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on Android Device

  • Now tap on Add account Choose Google option and tap on Ok.

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on Android Device 1

  • Tap on Existing if you wish to create a new account then select second option and follow on screen instructions. Type in authentication details of secondary Gmail account and Tap on Next icon.

In case if 2-step verification is enabled then you’ll be prompted to login through Browser (simply follow on screen instructions). Enable apps which you wish to access this new account and that’s it.

Now you’ll have two accounts logged in within Gmail app and anytime you can choose between them.

Apps allowed for multiple accounts

Google play store, Gmail, Calendar, Maps and every other Google developed app will be allowed to use both accounts and you can anytime switch between two.

Sigh of relief! Thanks to Google for providing this in-built feature otherwise it wasn’t that easy to manage multiple Gmail accounts in any way.

What’s your take on having multiple accounts? Do let me know if you face any issues.

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