How to Mute Notification of Particular Instagram Conversation

Instagram has seen a lot of growth of its user base in the past couple of years, since the time Facebook acquired it. Back then Instagram was all about sharing pictures only. And from there it has evolved massively. Not only that, with the new update to the popular photo sharing social networking app, you can now upload photos that necessarily need not be square. You can now update pictures in portrait and landscape formats and also videos. Very recently, Instagram also introduced the concepts of sponsored posts on the app and the direct message feature that let’s you talk to another Instagram user through direct message and not through comments visible to everyone like it used to be earlier.

A direct message allows you to send a picture or a video directly to your follower or a person with whom you can then interact over the conversation. All this was to make Instagram more user friendly so that users can interact with each other in a better and more private way rather than conversing in the comments of a picture upload. But it did not take long for spammers to adapt to the system and start abusing it. Many Instagram users often spam by sending photos and videos over the infect messages and to be honest they get annoying 9 out of 10 times. So this post focuses on the issue, straight ahead. In this post is a tip and how to mute the notifications and alerts that you get when someone messages you directly on Instagram. And if you are the one who has been spammed more frequently then this post is just for you.

Mute Alerts for Instagram DM

So here are the steps that you need to follow so as to mute the alerts that annoy you. So let’s start without wasting          anymore time.

  • Launch your Instagram app from the app drawer.
  • As the app opens up, click on the button for Direct Message, which is often located at the top right corner.
The DM Icon In The Top Right Corner
The DM Icon In The Top Right Corner
  • Tap on it and all your direct message conversations you have ever had on Instagram would appear.
Instagram Direct Message Conversations Will Show Up Here
Instagram Direct Message Conversations Will Show Up Here
  • Now click on any conversation that you would like to mute.
  • After you open that very conversation, tap on the ‘i’ button that appears on the top right corner again.
The 'i' Icon In The Top Right Corner
The ‘i’ Icon In The Top Right Corner
  • After you click on it, a new screen would appear and it would let you mute that very conversation and in future you wouldn’t have any alerts or notifications from that conversation on Instagram direct messaging.
Mute Conversations
Mute Conversations

That’s it, this is how you can stop notifications from a particular Instagram conversation in direct messaging. So I hope this little trick helps you to get more productive and receive less useless alerts and notifications from the photo sharing giant. Leave any queries or suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned for more such tutorials and useful articles.

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