[How To] Nexus 4 ClockWorkMod Recovery(CWM)

Sale of Nexus 4 , one of the hugely anticipated smartphone,  started on this Diwali. As you know, someone out there is working up on these devices even before the device lands up into your hands. The CWM recovery came out of the box as soon as Nexus 4 came out for sales. Below you can go through the detailed description on how to root your Nexus 4 even if you are a newbie.


The following description is strictly for LG Nexus 4 only and performing Custom ROMs on your device will void your warranty. You should go through all the steps very carefully and attempt to install custom ROMs only if you feel you have whole knowledge about it.  As you know, the procedure can never be full proof, so for any loss that might occur to Nexus 4, TheGeekDaily.com cannot be held responsible for all this.


1. Firstly, please be sure that the smartphone you own is LG Nexus 4 as the following procedure is meant for LG Nexus 4 only.

2. You need to have a computer with atleast Windows XP installed but its successors are recommended.

3. You should know if any of the USB port of your computer is loose, do not use that USB port in the following procedure, as this might be quite risky and might even hamper your Nexus 4.

4. A USB cable compatible with your Nexus 4 (must have found it in the box) is required as you need to connect the device with your computer using this cable.

5. For the computer to detect your Nexus 4, the appropriate concerned drivers should be already there on your computer before you connect it therefore they can get installed whenever the first time you connect it. If you do not have them,don’t worry, you will find a link in the procedure to download them.

6. If you have some security apps installed on Nexus 4, it would be best that you disable them till you complete the below procedure as they create problems while unlocking and rooting the device.

Unlock BootLoader

1. The first thing you need to perform is to back up all the data(like apps, sms, contacts,etc) on your device somewhere on your computer. Also make a backup of the data stored in your SD card. This is necessary since during unlocking BootLoader, all of your data will be wiped away.

2. For your computer to detect your Nexus 4 whenever you connect it using USB cable, you need to download and install Android SDK. Download it here.

3. FastBoot is required to unlock the BootLoader. Download it here.

4. The zip file of FastBoot needs to be extracted into your computer, it is recommended to extract it windows drive(normally C:) of your computer.

5. Now you have to switch off Nexus 4 and start it again by pressing Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. The screen will Show “Start”.

6. Connect your Nexus 4 with the computer using your USB cable. The Computer will install the drivers as soon as it detects the device on any of the USB ports.

7. Click on start normally in the bottom left corner of your desktop and type CMD, the search results show command prompt, right click on it and open it as administrator.

8. If you have extracted fastboot in the C drive, then type cd C:Fastboot in the command prompt window and edit it accordingly where you have extracted the FastBoot zip file.

9. When computer has detected Nexus 4, then type fastboot devices in the command prompt window. The window will now display an ID.

10. Now to unlock the BootLoader, type fastboot oem unlock in the command prompt window. Your device asks for the confirmation to unlock the BootLoader, you just need to tap on yes and the device will restart after the process completes on its own.

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM)

Since you have already unlocked your device, now rest of the task to install ClockWorkMod Recovery is quite similar and easy.

1. Firstly, CWM recovery image needs to be downloaded to the computer. You can do it here.

2. Just copy the image file downloaded in above steps to the fastboot folder (you used in the above procedure to unlock the bootloader).

3. In the same way now, switch off your Nexus 4 again. Switch on device by pressing Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously so that the screen displays “start”  here again. Afterwards, connect Nexus 4 with the computer using your USB cable.

4. Click on the Start Menu on your desktop and type cmd in the search box. The search results show cmd which means command prompt, after that open it as administrator  by right clicking on it and choose the required option on the list.

5. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that the you extract the zip file of Fastboot into the drive where Windows is installed, so if you have extracted the file in any other drive, you should edit the following commands accordingly, since I use C: drive here for all the purposes. Be careful while writing commands.

6. Now move on to the fastboot folder on the windows drive using the instruction given here. In the command prompt window, type cd C:fastboot and hit Enter to directly jump to the fastboot folder in the C drive where ever else may the command prompt points.

7. As you have already connected Nexus 4 with the computer using USB cable, wait for the time being computer detects it, otherwise check if the USB cable is not properly connected. On detection by the computer, type fastboot devices and hit Enter in the command prompt window. As you have done before, it again shows the ID concerned.

8. The command to install the ClockWorkMod Recovery into your Nexus 4 needs to be entered now. The command you would type in prompt window is fastboot flash recovery cwm6-jellybellys-occam-bld1.img and hit Enter afterwards.

7.  The CWM Recovery will now install in Nexus 4 and the moment it completes the command prompt window will display a message related to completion on the screen.

8. The last step to installation is to reboot the device. This can be done easily by typing fastboot reboot and hitting Enter after that. This installs CWM recovery.


9. Now, to boot Nexus 4 into CWM recovery, switch off the device and after that switch it on by pressing Volume Down and Power button of the phone simultaneously till it starts. The device boots into the BootLoader mode.

10. The Volume Up and Down buttons here will work for scrolling up and down on the screen and the Power button will be used to select any option on the screen. You will see an option Recovery Mode, reach the option using Volume Keys and select it using Power button so that the phone now boots into the ClockWorkMod Recovery.

ClockWorkMod Recovery is complete, enjoy the new ROM capabilities and explore the new possibilities.

Installing Stock Recovery

If you do not like the CWM recovery mode or may be due to some other reason want to install the Stock Recovery again the following small and easy steps will help you out to perform it.

First of all, download the image of the Stock Recovery into your computer. You can do it from here.

Copy the same into the fastboot folder of your computer. Follow the steps of installing CWM Recovery up till the step where CWM Image file is loaded. Just replace the file name with the stock recovery file name and this perform the further steps same as you did while installing and booting CWM Recovery.

Locking BootLoader

If your phone is in warranty period and you want to gain back your warranty, you have to lock the Bootloader again as it was before you unlocked it. Follow the below steps for it.

You just need to perform the similar steps as you did for Unlocking bootloader. For locking the Bootloader replace the command  fastboot oem unlock with the command fastboot oem lock. This will again lock the Bootloader and you will gain back your warranty.



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