How To Participate In Facebook India Ambassador Program and Become Facebook Ambassador

How To Participate In Facebook India Ambassador Program and Become Facebook Ambassador

I think everyone knows about Facebook. Facebook is a social networking service which was launched in February 2004. Facebook currently has more than 900 million active users and half of these users login through their mobile devices. Facebook started off from Harvard College and then became the most popular social networking site in United States of America. Currently it is the most popular social networking service in the world. But with over 7 billion population in the world, Facebook isn’t quite satisfied with its activity. Since India (Happy belated Independence Day to everyone), is one of the most resourceful and highly populated country. And Facebook is trying to make the most it. Recently Facebook launched a new campaign or as they say the new Ambassador program in India called as Facebook India Ambassador. With this program Facebook want to promote usage of Facebook on mobile phones in India.

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How to apply for Facebook India Ambassador

The requirements as explained by Facebook India Ambassador are quite simple and everyone can participate in it. All you have to do is convince your friends and their friends to install Facebook app on their mobile phones. Once they have installed the app, they have to associate his or her mobile number with Facebook.

After convincing your friends to do as mentioned, you have to send the list of phone numbers of your friends and their friends to Facebook India Ambassador page. The Facebook user who will bring the maximum number of conversions will be rewarded by Facebook with Facebook India Ambassador Status.

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As Facebook India Ambassador you may have to engage in different activities to promote Facebook. Facebook says that:

If instructed by Facebook, you will engage in activities to promote Facebook.  Such activities may include working with your school administration to setup the authentic page for your school on Facebook, creating you college Yearbook on Facebook, uploading pictures of each class and tagged students in the pictures, organizing a Facebook Day on Campus that focuses on educating the audience about using Facebook on mobile devices, etc.

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