Crysis-on-iPadCrysis2, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City  are all CPU and hardware intensive games that will squeeze even the last drop of juice from your device. So how do you run such heavy and demanding games of a system with minimal hardware specifications say a mobile phone or tablet. The answer lies in Cloud Gaming.Cloud gaming, also known as gaming on demand, is a type of online gaming that allows direct and on-demand streaming of games onto a computer.With Cloud Gaming gamers have the freedom to play games from the cloud on any display, including TVs, monitors, notebooks, tablets, and even smartphones.

This allows access to games without the need of a console as the server is the system that is running the processing required.Gamers have always had to choose which platform to buy new games for—console, PC, or handheld, but now with cloud gaming gaining momentum soon this would be abolished as one would be able to play latest games on tablets, smartphones and even on his TV sets.

Where to find Games on Cloud :

  • OnLive


OnLive delivers console-quality games to Macs, PCs,  TV , iPad by remotely streaming the game from their central servers.The computer on the client side need not be fast or  equipped with latest hardware to play the games it’s already done on the OnLive’s servers.

  • Gaikai


Gaikai (pronounced “guy-Kai”) is also a very popular site that offers Games on demand. Gaikai is backed by giants like NVIDIA and SONY.Gaikai don’t require any registration to play and there’s no need for any special software to play it’s as simple as watching a YouTube video all you need is  a modern browser and good Internet connection. Gaikai servers are based on NVIDIA GeForce GRID, Which allows it to reduce the Latency and offer a very smooth and good game play across all devices.

So is Cloud Gaming the future of Gaming:

Well Cloud Gaming looks as if it will be the next big thing in the area of gaming industry, but anything in the cloud has it limits, lets see its pros and cons to decide:


Good for Consumers:

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of cloud Gaming is for consumers. People don’t have enough money to buy the latest Gaming consoles and hardware to play the latest games. Thus if someone is with a  poor system config even he can enjoy the latest games by visiting any of the Cloud Gaming vendors like OnLive.

Gaming anywhere:

Since your gaming data is stored online you can access your game saves anywhere online and continue your gaming from where you left.

Less cost for Manufacturer and Publishers:

Manufacturer of Gaming Consoles and publishers of games will have to spend less as the cost for R&D on latest hardware and packaging and shipping along with paperwork is reduced to a bare minimum.


Huge Bandwidth consumption:

Playing games at high-resolution being streamed from a server can really eat a mammoth of bandwidth sometimes up to 5GB or even more in an hour. Thus this would lead to high bandwidth consumptions. And thus you would require a very high-speed internet connection. Thus Cloud Gaming won’t make a sense for users of slow internet nations.

Everything is Online:

Something that is always argued as a downfall for cloud services is that everything remains online.What would happen if my internet goes out (which has happened) so does my gaming system. And this internet outage would leave users unable to play games.

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