Chainfire 3D

In this article we will explain you how to play high end games on your Android device without lag with the help of Chainfire 3D. But first you need to root your device because Chainfire 3D needs root permission. Click here to root your Android device.

Chainfire 3D
Chainfire 3D

How To Configure Chainfire 3D To Play HD Games Without Lag

  • Make a backup of all your important data.
  • Download the Chainfire 3D app and its plug-ins. [LINK]
  • Extract the Chainfire 3D app and plug-ins in your external memory card.
  • Install the Chainfire 3D application on your deivce.
  • Launch the Chainfire 3D  app.
  • First of all tap on the CF3D driver option.
  • Then tap on the Install option.
  • Wait for a minute because the driver will get installed and your device will reboot.
  • Now launch the app once again.
  • Then tap on the Install plugins / shaders option.
  • Next you need to install the following plug-ins on your device that you have already downloaded and extracted in your external memory card:, and
  • When all the plugins are installed you need to restart your device once.
  • Next you need to launch the Chainfire 3D application again.
  • Then tap on the Pre-app OpenGL settings option.
  • Then disable the Default OpenGL settings option.
  • And enable the Reduce texture quality option.
  • Go back to the main menu on the application.
  • Tap on the Use plugins / shaders option.
  • Now select any mode that you would like to use and try out the game.
  • Then change the mode to other mode and try out the game again.
  • Finalize the mode that meets all the requirements for your device.
  • That’s all.

If you are facing any problem while configuring the Chainfire 3D app then leave it in the comments section below and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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