username and password UI

Phishing is amongst the techniques, which is getting used by countless attackers across the globe to disclose someone’s username, password, credit card details and any other online properties. At the same time, Google, the web giant, is intending to provide a better user experience since past couple of years. Even after having the 2-step verification system, Google has launched yet another tool that will let you prevent phishing attack.

username and password UI

Now, to counteract phishing, Google has rolled out such a Chrome extension that will obstruct you to enter the exactly same password, what you are currently using as your Google account password or Gmail password. Many people deliberately and inadvertently use same password everywhere. This is definitely a bad practice since it makes simpler to reveal all account details within seconds.

Consequently, Google has started this initiative so that users can easily realize that they are using the same password.

How does Google’s Password Alert Tool work?

The workflow is pretty simple to comprehend. As outlined by Google, this extension doesn’t ship your password to any Google server for checking in future. Instead, this extension produces a thumbnail of your respective Google password and stores it in your hard drive. Following that, Chrome starts checking password with the thumbnail. Whenever, it gets the same password, it shows a warning message right away.

How to set up Google’s Password Alert Tool?

Google’s Password Alert Tool is indeed a great Chrome extension, which will start working once you finished downloading. The setup is very easy and not much time consuming. At first, download the extension from Chrome Web Store. After downloading, you will get a notification like below,

Google Password Alert tool installation notification

Just click on Sign in and sign in to your Google Chrome with your Gmail account. Google Chrome will check this Google’s password with future passwords. After signing in, you will get the following message,

Password alert tool setup complete

It indicates that you have successfully set it up. Now, whenever, you will enter the same Google’s password, you will be redirected to a page that looks as follows,

Google Password Alert Tool warning message

You will be redirected as soon as you finished entering the password word/digit/symbol or anything of your Google’s password. Now, this page lets you do two different things. First, you can reset your Google account password. Second, you can ignore this message and use the same password, which is not recommended.

This is how Google’s Password Alert Tool works. Hope you would like it.

Pros and Cons of Google’s Password Alert Tool

Every tool has some advantages and disadvantages. Google’s Password Alert Tool is not out of them.


  • It prevents users from entering the same password. That means, it helps users to prevent attackers from applying phishing attack against you.
  • This is a tiny password tool by Google and it doesn’t consume much memory too.


  • This is a CHROME extension. That means, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and other web browser users cannot get any help by this extension.
  • There are many people, who have multiple Google accounts. As it works on Chrome’s signed in account, those people cannot have multi-login. That implies they can use only one account at a time.

Considering all the things, this particular extension seems handy for them, who have one Gmail or Google Apps for Work account and use Google Chrome. This is a must have Chrome extension.

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