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Now a days, more people are using various RSS feed readers instead of traditional newspaper to get the latest news. If you are one of them, you might have already searched for best RSS feed reader. Anyway, if you are a Windows PC user and want to read your favourite blog right from desktop, here is a free software that will help you to subscribe to your favorite blog and let you read them without opening any browser.

Rss feed reader

FeedDemon – RSS Feed Reader for Windows Desktop

FeedDemon is a popular free software that is readily available for Windows XP and later versions. You can also download this RSS feed reader for your Windows 8 and 8.1 PC.

Anyway, FeedDemon lets you subscribe to your favourite blog and read them even when you are offline. That means, it doesn’t matter whether you have internet connection or not, you can keep reading your favourite articles or blogs without having any issue. (A little setup is required though)

How to setup and use FeedDemon?

This is quite easy and not much time consuming. At first, download FeedDemon and install it. During installation, it will show you the following screen.

Feeddemon Start Screen

You have three options.

  • You can subscribe to predefined blogs. Those blogs are setup by FeedDemon itself.
  • You can skip this option.
  • You can import your subscription from other feed reader to FeedDemon. If you want to do so, just make sure that your exported file’s extension is OPML. At the same time, you can use other formats or feed readers as well to import feeds.

However, if you choose the first option, FeedDemon will add few blogs of various niches including Entertainment, Sports, Technology, News, Science etc.

If you choose the second option (which is skip the option), you can add your favourite blogs right after getting into the FeedDemon window. To add your own blog, just head over to the Subscribe button.

Subscribe to new feed

After that, enter your website’s URL or keyword. If you enter the website URL, FeedDemon will capture the feed of your blog and let your subscribe to that.

enter website URL to subscribe

At the same time, if you enter any keyword, you will get a list of blogs as per your search.

Keyword search for feeddemon subscription

After selecting a blog, click on Next. Now, you can select/create a folder to categorize your feeds.

Select category before subscribing

After adding a couple of feeds, FeedDemon will be looking like the following image,

Feeddemon user interface

It has minimal design. The first column contains all folders and feed list. The following column contains all unread articles. Just click on the article to expand and read. This is also possible to open any article in any web browser. To do so, just click on the plus(+) icon and select Open in External Browser.

open article in external browser

If you have subscribed to loads of blogs and want to read about Twitter, Facebook or any particular thing, just do a search on that.  FeedDemon will show you the search result on the same screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts for FeedDemon

FeedDemon has tons of keyboard shortcuts. You can get them by navigating through the following path,

Tools >> Options >> Keyboard Shortcuts

Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + K to open the keyboard shortcut window. Some useful keyboard shortcuts are as follows,

Browser Home: Alt+Home

Close Browser Tab: Ctrl+W

Close Other Tabs: Ctlr+Alt+W

Default Blog Publishing Tool: Shift+Ctrl+B

Delete All Articles: Shift+Ctrl+Del

Feed Home: Ctrl+Alt+Home

FeedDemon Options: F8

Find in this page: Ctrl+F

Find Next: F3

Find Previous: Shift+F3

Focus Address Bar: Alt+D

Focus Browser: Ctrl+B

Hide Read Articles: Shift+Ctrl+H

Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+K

Search subscription: Ctrl+F3

Show Favorites: Ctrl+I

Subscribe: Ctrl+N

Update All: Shift+Ctrl+F5

Mark folder read: Ctrl+R

These are some default keyboard shortcuts. You can also assign new shortcuts according to your wish.

Considering all the features, FeedDemon seems quite good. Although, there are some other online feed readers, yet, this desktop app can be useful over those.

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