How to Record and Send GIFS

GIFs are insanely popular over the Google+ and you may also notice that most of the trending posts in the Google+ are GIF posts as they have high chances to go viral when compared to photos and videos. GIFs are less in size when compared to videos. Now a days people are very much interested in GIFs and even Facebook users are looking forward for the option to share GIFS on Facebook. But there are almost no way to share Gif’s In facebook so for now lets stick to our article on “How to Record and Send GIFS“. When we compare GIFs to Pictures and Videos it seems that you can capture a picture or video without much struggle, but GIFs aren’t easy to compose which is a significant problem.

How to Record and Send GIFS

If you are searching and filtering the internet to know how to record and send GIFs then this article will help you out. As you may know how to share GIFs which you usually find on Google+ or on the internet but most of them are converted from videos. So particularly there are no way to create a perfect GIFs out of the funniest moments you face in your daily life. Now you need not search the internet for a solution on how to record a GIF as we have found an awesome android application which will help you to create awesome GIFs. With the help of your Android mobile itself you can share them right away after creating.

XDA Developer named Donniemceduns created an application which is capable of creating GIFs using the camera of the smartphone and also can be shared. The best part is you can create GIFs the same way you capture pictures using your Phone camera. The application is named as Hangouts GIF Recorder which is available in Play Store. You can download the application from Here.

How to Record and Send GIFS

The pictures above are the screenshots of the application. There are few limitations and bugs in the application. The only limitation is that the application is available for Android devices which are Android 4.0+ and the bugs noticed are the app crashes when the device is rotated which will be fixed in no time by the developer with an update. You can create awesome GIF memes out of the funniest moments and Precious moments of your life. All you need is tap and hold the green button by pointing the phone’s camera to the subject and you can release the button anytime to share the GIF among your friends.

You can share the GIF across Google Hangout or via messages. The application is perfectly working and it will help you make your own GIFs. If you want to create amazing GIFs go on and give this application a try.  Who know, your GIF may go viral overnight 😉 .

Hope you found a solution to Record GIFs by reading our article on “How to Record and Send GIFs“. Feel free to comment below about your opinions on the application.

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