Online Radios have been a hit on the internet for quite some time now. The ease and the variety of songs and stations make them a perfect choice for music on the go.
There are more than a thousand online radio station streaming music in more than 36 genres.
Recording online radios has become a cake walk now with tools that offer you a lot of flexibility and ease to record them on your workstation in popular media formats like mp3 and OOG.

Nexus Radio

Nexus is perhaps the best tool with a plethora of features.It gives you access to 8000+ radio stations and 15 million songs.
Its best features apart from recording your favorite radio stations are:-
MP4, WAV, WMA file compatibility, save your music in the format you would love to.

iPod & iPhone compatibility Transfer your music directly to your apple device

Download nexus

Simple Radio Recorder

Can record AM/FM or satellite radio broadcasts, as well as sound from your stereo system, Boom-box, TV, Internet radio (Pandora) and computer software and games.

price: freeware/shareware


Replay Radio

Automatically record thousands of Radio Shows, Radio Stations, XM and Sirius channels and Podcasts, and listen whenever you like. Shows are saved as MP3 files  and can be automatically copied to your iPod. You can even skip the ads with the free Replay Player option.


Recording internet radio in iPhone

Snowtape iPhone app

The app costs around $1.99 app and lets the user record the streaming audio. It also has features like searching for album art etc.

Download snowtape

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