How to Recover Data After Windows Crash?

How to backup your data from crashed Windows?

It happened to me. I had some blue screen error on my Desktop PC and my windows is not loading. I tried detaching and attaching my hard disks and RAM but still the same blue screen.

OMG! My PC has my collection of over 250GBs of games and movie! What should I do?

Just follow easy steps to recover data after Windows crash.

[1] Here we will use Ubuntu Live CD to backup recover our data.

If you have another system or ask your friend to download and burn Ubuntu Live CD You can use A small application called ImgBurn for easy burning process.

[2] Now that you have Ubuntu CD,boot your computer from this Ubuntu Live CD.(Put your CD in the CD/DVD drive and restart your computer.

[3]After taking some initial loading time ,you should see an option to “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer”.Select this option and Hit enter

Ubuntu screen

[4]Once the computer starts Choose places then Computer from top Menu and you could see your drives.

[5] Try to open your C drives,if it immediately opens then good for you.

Else you will get an error messageUnable to mount the volume”.Click on the Detail option to see expanded alert message .

Do not close this window (Make a note of the Underlining errors ,we will be needing shortly)

Note underlining text

In such case you have to mount your C drive.

[6] Mount drives

From the top menu open the new terminal (Applications Accessories Terminal on the top menu)

Terminal is something like a notepad in which you write commands and Ubuntu executes them ,think terminal as a command prompt for windows.

You have to write and execute following commands one after the another.(write commands and hit enter to execute)

sudo /bin/bash [to switch to “administrator” mode]

mkdir /media/disk [to create a directory that we’ll mount the drive on]

Now comes the tricky part. You’ll need to type out a command very similar to this one, but you’ll need to replace /dev/sda1 with what you see in that message box we showed you above. This command tells Ubuntu to use the ntfs-3g driver, and force mount even if there is a problem.

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force

If your drive is FAT32 instead of NTFS, then you can use the following command instead:

mount -t vfat -o umask=000 /dev/sda1 /media/disk


[7] Finally at this point you would be able to open your drives.You have to do this for every Drive For C: D: E:

[8] Backup Your data with external USB flash Drive

To plug in an external USB drive, which should place an icon on the Ubuntu desktop, and most likely immediately pop up a nautilus window showing the contents of the drive.

Recommended: Enable God Mode in Windows 7.

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