How To Reduce Memory Usage In Google Chrome

chrome logoIf you are an avid internet user then let me ask you a question, “What is your favourite browser?” though there are several of options but the one you will hear the most is Google Chrome.

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and it’s not luck which took it there, it was all about speed. It was the only browser that could beat Firefox and obviously bring Internet explorer to its feet.

Sometimes it happens, you must have seen the notification pop up if you are using a performance monitor or you must have noticed your PC hanging (lagging) when there are a lot of tabs opened in your chrome browser. That is what you need to give in order to get speed.

If you have a high configuration computer then it is not a problem but if you are still stuck on 2 GB of RAM then you have to face the speed issue regularly.

Today, in this post I will be telling how to reduce the memory usage in Google chrome. We will be using the inbuilt performance monitoring tools in chrome to achieve our goal.

Remember, the extension you installed a week back which you are not using anymore, do you think that it won’t be consuming any  memory?

CORRECTION! If the extension is installed and enabled then it uses some amount of memory. In order to keep the extension enabled and running (though you might not use it) chrome needs to use some memory.

The tip says, that you need to disable the extensions you are not using to save  memory.

Here is how to do it,

The first thing  you need to  check which enabled extension is using most of the memory and is no longer of any use to you. To do that, what you need to do is head to your address bar, type the following line and press enter.


It will open up the memory usage page which will give you the list of all the extensions which are active and are taking up memory followed by the  amount of memory they are taking.

memory usage page


Note down those extensions which are taking up more memory space and click on the menu button in the top right (the one with three horizontal lines) and click on tools then extensions.

You will be shown the list of extensions which are active in your browser. Next thing you need to do is disable the extensions you saw, which were using more memory space.

An alternate way to solve the memory usage problem in chrome : click on the menu button (top right) then on tools and then click on task manager to open the chrome task manager.

(Note: it is not the same as the task manager you have in your operating system which gives you the list of all the tasks ,this one only lists the task which come under chrome, which are either initiated or are running under chrome)

The task manager along with the details of the tabs also lists the details of the extensions which are active.

task manager

You can directly click on the extension that is taking up more memory space and click on end process. This will kill the extension for that session and the extension will become active when you restart chrome.

So, that was all in this article, try the above tips and you can reduce memory usage in your chrome browser. Wishing you a Happy (and fast) browsing experience 🙂 Team Geek Daily.

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