How to Remove Bloatware Apps from your Android Phone

What is Bloatware?

Before you remove the bloatware apps from your Android Device, first you need to have a complete detail about what actually Bloatware apps are. Bloatware apps are the unwanted apps that the device manufacturer installs on your device, and they cannot be deleted. These apps are not system apps, but third party apps, and in most cases have no benefit to you. Like the unwanted messenger apps, unwanted app stores, like the Samsung App Store in case of Samsung Smartphones, and it varies from company to company. Most of the device do have some sort of bloatware apps.

Why Should you consider Removing the Bloatware?

Now as I said above that these bloatware apps are not system apps, so they are not helping your android device run and perform tasks in any manner. In simple words these apps are not necessary for the functioning of the device. And given that you do not need it, these apps are useless. But they cannot be simply uninstalled from your smartphone. Now why you should consider removing these apps? As these apps are unwanted and of no use, they eat up the memory on the device, and also the cache memory of the device. Whenever you open up the app drawer, the phone loads them, and processes. So it increases the work done by the system of the phone, for no reason. So it is better to remove these apps.

But the Bloatware apps cannot be simply uninstalled, and so as to uninstall them you need to root your android device. But here is a method that will let you remove these apps from the app drawer, and save up some of your memory, and effectively increase the performance of your device. Though by a small bit, but hey drop by drop adds to a ocean.

Remove Bloatware from your Android Device

So here, follow these steps to easily remove the bloatware apps from your app drawer, so that they use less memory, and do not slow down your device.

  • Open the App Drawer
  • Now navigate into the Settings.

Removing Bloatware

  • Then Tap on Applications
  • Then choose Application Manager.
  • Now there will be a list of all the apps that you downloaded and installed on your Android phone.
  • Now swipe right, so that the phone shows you all the apps, instead of the apps that you have just downloaded and installed manually on the device.

Removing Bloatware

  • Now in the list, click on the app that you don’t want to use, or do not want to see in your app drawer.
  • In simple words, the app you consider to be a bloatware.
  • Then on the screen that appears, check off the Show Notifications Option.
  • And then tab on the Disable button

Removing Bloatware.

  • Then the phone will ask you before you want to save changes, click OK.


  • Now the app you have disabled, will be removed from your app drawer and will not load, or eat up any of your cache.
  • Hence it will not be able to slow down your device.
  • Now repeat this for all the apps you want to remove. Make sure you do not remove any system app, or else the phone might behave abruptly there after.
  • Also whenever, you feel like enabling the app again, you can follow the same procedure, and this time choose the enable option. Everything will be restored.

So this was a short tutorial by which you would be able to remove all the bloatware apps from your app drawer, so that they do not slow your phone down. And also not bundle up, and add to your cache memory. I hope this helped.

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