How to Remove Programs From Startup in Windows 7

Since Startup programs in Windows 7 are saved in a specific folder in your hard drive, you can easily add or delete them by modifying the contents of the folder. If you are annoyed with some programs automatically starting when you log on to Windows, or if you want to add some programs to the startup list, here’s a simple tutorial to do that.

– Open the Start menu.

– Click on All Programs and right-click on the Startup folder.

– Click on Explore.

– All the startup programs will be visible in the folder. To remove a program from the startup list, simply delete it from the folder.

– In order to add a program to Startup, right-click on the exe file of the program or file you want to run at startup and click on “Create Shortcut“.

– Now drag this shortcut to the Startup folder. The program/file will run at startup from now on.

– Follow the same steps for adding or removing any Startup program.

Though there are a number of methods to do this, I have covered the easiest method in this article so you don’t come across any difficulty. The other methods will be soon covered in an extensive post. Stay tuned for that.

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