How to Remove Skype Icon from Windows 7 Taskbar

Skype is one uncrowned winner of VoIP and video calling softwares. It’s so great that most people stay online on Skype everything. The only thing that annoys (sometimes) is that, its icon doesn’t disappear from taskbar even when we minimize it to tray. There is no big trick, its an in-built function. It runs with windows start-up, log-in your account, everything automatically. If you ever went into the settings, you wouldn’t be here searching for a solution. Nevertheless, lets move on.

When the Skype window is closed, by default its icon still keeps appearing in the Windows 7 taskbar. If you find it annoying and would like to get rid of it, here’s a simple tutorial to help you remove the icon from the taskbar:

1. Launch Skype.

2. Head to Tools option in the menu bar and click on Options.

3. The options window will show up. Navigate to the Advanced settings tab.

4. Uncheck the “Keep Skype in the Taskbar while I’m signed in” option located at the right-side hand of the window.

5. Click Save to apply & save the setting.

Bingo! The Skype icon will be removed from the Taskbar and won’t appear anymore.

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