How To Reset BIOS Password When You Are Unable To Boot Into Your Operating Systems

BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System. It is also called as System BIOS or ROM BIOS. BIOS software is installed on PC, and is the first code run by any PC, when powered on. Some of you use BIOS password to strengthen you PC security. There are two types of BIOS password, one for preventing access to BIOS itself, and other one for preventing your PC from booting. But since we are only humans, we tend to forget things, sometime this thing can be your PC BIOS password. I personally forgot my PC BIOS password once, as I was using my PC after many months. But I did know how to reset BIOS password. Since I have a desktop, resetting BIOS password is a piece of cake. But this isn’t the case for portable devices like laptops, notebook, etc.

I’m only going to state tips to reset your BIOS password, when you’re unable to boot into your operating system. There are many other ways to reset BIOS password from within your operating system. But this article is to help those people who can’t boot into their operating system at all.

How to reset bios password on Desktops

By Removing CMOS Battery (Works For Laptops Also)

Resetting or removing BIOS password from a desktop is very simple and you don’t have to be geek to figure that out.

how to reset bios password

First open the side compartment of your cabinet, the one which is just opposite to your motherboard. When you give a good look to your mother board, you’ll see a coin sized CMOS battery, the bigger version of your watch cell. Just remove the CMOS battery and place it back after 15-30 minutes. By doing this you’ll be able to reset your BIOS password, and now you can re-enter all the settings like Date and Time.

By Removing CMOS Jumper

Now almost every motherboard contains jumper which can clear all your CMOS settings along with your BIOS password. Now the tricky thing about the CMOS jumper is the actual location of it on your motherboard, as it varies from motherboard to motherboard depending on your motherboard manufacturer. If you have your motherboard manual then you can check out the location of the CMOS jumper. The jumper may be marked as CLEAR, CMOS, CLR, CLEAR CMOS, etc.

reset bios password

When you find CMOS jumper, you’ll see it is mounted on 3 pins namely left, center, and right pin. The CMOS jumper is always mounted on center pin along with one of the other pins, you just have to change the position keeping the center pin position intact.

What I meant to say that if your CMOS jumper is mounted on center and right pin, then remove the CMOS jumper and mount it on center and left pin. By doing this you’ll reset all the setting, thus resetting your BIOS password.

Note: Your desktop should be turned off before applying the above mentioned steps.

How to reset bios password on Laptops, Netbook, Notebook

Now removing CMOS battery does the work of resetting BIOS password on your laptop, netbook, notebook, etc. But the problem opening up laptops is not a thing that everyone can do. You need to precise and need to have a lot of experience to do this as laptop bodies are not like desktop and are very fragile.

Just for HP and COMPAQ user you can see your laptop CMOS battery inside your hard drive box. It is marked with lot of circular discs on top right or left corner of the large detachable box on the back side of the laptop. You can open it with required screw driver and remove your CMOS battery easily.

Other manufacturers have to try the below mentioned hit and trial method.

By Using Backdoor BIOS passwords

American Megatrends Inc. BIOS Passwords:

  • A.M.I.
  • AMI?SW
  • AMI_SW
  • AMI
  • BIOS
  • MI
  • Oder

Phoenix BIOS Passwords:

  • BIOS
  • CMOS
  • phoenix

Manufactures BIOS Passwords:

  • Biostar – Biostar
  • Compaq – Compaq
  • Dell – Dell
  • Enox – xo11nE
  • Epox – central
  • Freetech – Posterie
  • IWill – iwill
  • Jetway – spooml
  • Packard Bell – bell9
  • QDI – QDI
  • Siemens – SKY_FOX
  • TMC – BIGO
  • Toshiba – Toshiba
  • VOBIS & IBM – merlin

Miscellaneous Common BIOS Passwords:

  • biostar
  • biosstar
  • CMOS
  • cmos
  • lkwpeter
  • setup
  • Syxz
  • Wodj

Note: These passwords keep on changing from time to time and are case-sensitive.

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