How to Reset Windows Password [Win XP/Vista/7]

There are times when we forget our windows user account password. What we generally do is that we login to administrator account and reset our password from there. What if you don’t have access to your administrator account? This post will include a step by step guide on how to reset windows administrator password if you have forgotten it.

In order to reset windows password, you will need a tool called Active Password Changer.

Steps to Reset Windows Password

Step 1: Download and install Active Password Changer.

Step 2: Now insert your Pen-Drive.

Step 3: Now format it with ‘NTFS’ File system.

To format pen-drive, go to My Computer>Right Click on that particular drive>Format.

Step 4: Now open ‘Active Password Changer Bootable Disk Creator’ from ‘Start’ Menu.

Go to Start>Active@ Password Changer Demo>Password Changer (DOS Edition)>Bootable Floppy or USB Disk Creator.

Step 5: Select your ‘Removable Drive’ and check the other two boxes.

Step 6: Now hit the ‘Start’ button the window and wait for the process to complete.

Step 7: On completion, a window like this will appear.

Step 8: Now Dis-Connect your ‘Removable Drive’ and connect it to PC where you want to reset windows password.

Step 9: Now start the PC and hit ‘Delete’ key on keyboard several times.

Step 10: Now select this ‘Removable drive’ as your first boot preference and hit ‘Enter’.

Step 11: A new DOS based screen like this will appear.

Step 12:  Now enter ‘2’ and search for the ‘Ms SAM Databases(S)’.

Note: This process may take up to 5 minutes.

Step 13: Now, hit ‘Enter’ key on a screen like this.

Step 14: Now, enter the Number of the User whose password you want to delete.

For e.g.: ‘0’ in case of Administrator.

Step 15: Now, press ‘Y’ to delete the password of that account.

Step 16: Now, press [ESC] key for about 5 times.

Step 17: Eject your ‘Removable Device’ and restart the PC.

Note: With this, we have successfully reset windows password. This method is applicable not only to reset windows 7 password, but it can also be used to reset password for windows XP and vista.

I hope this tutorial works for you. For any problems about this, leave a comment below.


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