How to Run Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on PC using Live CD/USB

Android Lollipop making the market share of 3.3% is still available only on few android devices. There might be some of you who would be craving to use it. But, unfortunately there’s no chance for your entry-level phone to get any OTA update for it. In such case, you can use your PC to run Android Lollipop.

Usually when talking about running android on PC, what first strikes in our head is Android Emulators. But, in this how-to guide I’m not going to use any Virtualization software like Virtual Box or Android Emulators like Bluestacks to make Android Lollipop run on PC. Here, we’ll use a Live CD or USB.

What is a Live CD/USB?

For the non-geeks Live CD/DVD or Live USB helps a user to run an operating system from the DVD or USB without installing the system on the hard disk drive. Just plug it in to your PC or laptop and start using the OS. You also need not make any changes to your computer’s configuration. It makes use of ISO Disc Image File to run. It’s the best way to use open source OS like Linux and Android without affecting the current OS on your PC.

So, now having cleared about the Live CD/USB. Let’s get into the guide on how you can run Android Lollipop on PC.

AndEx: Android x86 5.0.2

AndEx is a live CD for Android 5.0.2 which uses the Linux Kernel 3.10.58-exton-x86+ created by Arne Exton. There’s already another such open source project “Android x86”, but, they still have not released the Android 5.0 ISO build. It’s under development.

AndEx Live CD can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Arne specifies the bottom line that this Live CD will only work on powerful systems. Old hardware are not supported. Also, it’s recommended that if you choose USB flash drive than choose among SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0, Kingston Data Traveler or Sony Micro Vault. These brand USB are tested and work smooth. If you don’t have any of them, than just make sure it’s 3.0 and fast or it may slow down the android system.

How to Install?

I’ll show here how to make a Live USB, because the Live CD can be easily made by just burning the ISO file to CD/DVD. The ISO file is of just 300 MB.

Step-1: Download the ISO image file from here. Also, you’ll need to make a the USB bootable. As the ISO file is made of Linux kernel you’ll have to use Linux Live USB creator. Download and install it too.

Step-2: Insert your USB flash drive and open Linux live USB creator. Here you’ll find 5 steps. In the first step choose your USB drive.

choose USB drive
choose USB drive

Step-3: In 2nd step choose ISO. Here, on selecting the Android 5.0.2 ISO image file it’ll show that “This Linux is not in the compatibility list”. To make it compatible you’ll have to change the options a bit. In the 5th step top corner you’ll find options button. In the option panel go to the options tab and select “force using parameter as”. In the drop down menu choose Ubuntu 14.10. 

select Ubuntu 14.10
select Ubuntu 14.10

This will verify the ISO image and you’re good to go. Well, it’ll even work with compatibility issue. But, you’ll not be able to change the persistent data. I’ll explain about it in the next step.

Note: You’ll find traffic light type of thing in bottom right corner of every step. All of them should turn green.

Step-4: Next step is persistence. This actually sets how much memory is allotted to the Live USB to store the work that you’ve done on the OS. If you don’t set this persistent data your work will not be saved and will turn back to as it was before. Everything will turn to default. None of the settings done by you will be saved. As I mentioned in the above step if the ISO is not verified you’ll see only Live CD written. Which means you can’t save your work while using the Live CD. Set Persistence to 1024 MB. It’s enough for Android.

persistence: 1024 MB
persistence: 1024 MB

Step-5: In 4th step option just select Format the key in FAT32. And you’re done. Now, just click on the thunder icon in the 5th step and it’ll make the USB Bootable for you. Make sure all the traffic lights are turned green.


Step-6: After you’ve made your USB bootable restart your PC and boot into the USB flash drive. Normally, in the newer system the USB is kept first in the booting order. But, if it doesn’t automatically boot into your USB than you can do it manually by pressing F12, F9 or DEL keys when the manufacturer’s logo shows up during system start-up. Select your USB drive and boot into it.

boot screen
boot screen

Step-7: After booting you’ll see a screen as shown in the below image. Select Live CD – Run Android without installation. If you want to make the system a bit faster, you can select the VESA mode to run with low graphics.


Also, you can install it on your Hard Disk with separate partition and make it dual-boot with windows.

Now, you can enjoy Android Lollipop on your PC without any issues. Or without using any Emulators.

Features in this Build:

On start-up you’ll be asked to choose your launcher. L launcher or Trebuchet. It includes all the stock Android applications, such as the Google Chrome browser, Google Maps, Google Calendar, the stock Android web browser, as well as the Email, Calculator, Clock, Phone, Music, Gallery, Messaging, and File Manager apps.

The play store is blocked. But you get Aptoide as alternative to that. There are many other useful apps like Wi-fi analyzer, Terminal Emulator, WeLine, Quick Office, Your Map and RSS reader. And of course you can download other apps from Aptoide.

Hope, this guide helped you. If you have any questions or queries mention them down in the comments. In the next post I’ll show how to Dual Boot Android 5.0 and Windows 8.1/10.

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