bluestacks run android apps on PC

Mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone have beautiful applications which are amazing yet simple and cannot run on our complex desktops. In fact the apps on mobile markets are increasing every day and for each and every purpose, we have a mobile app or its alternative for every mobile platform. But all these apps are of course mobile compatible and so, we cannot play games like TempleRun or CutTheRope on our PC. But don’t you want to run all the android applications on your PC? It’s not possible with a remote desktop application which is to be installed on your Android device, whether a Smartphone or a tablet.


BlueStacks is an amazing software developed by a team of Indian developers as well as others which lets you run the mobile apps on your PC. It is a simple-to-download-and-install software available for both Windows and Mac. You can run the BlueStacks app player on your desktop, notebook or even on your Windows Tablet. Some of the Android apps might not run with BlueStacks as sometimes they require more graphic memory or might be too dependent on features that are exclusive to mobiles. But you can run all major Android apps using this tool.

bluestacks run android apps on PC

Download the BlueStacks app player from the website where you’ve two versions, an lite downloader and a bulky offline installer which are not more than 100mb in size. You can download the software in either of the ways and install it as ever. And during the initial installation process itself, you can see how these Android apps will run on your PC.


Once you are done with the installation process, you see a Settings icon and a search bar along with some icons on the top. You can either use your mouse or your keyboard’s arrow keys as well to navigate. It’s also simple to enter and exit a menu using keyboard shortcuts which are Enter and Escape keys. You can search for your favorite Android apps from the search bar.

bluestacks run android apps on PC

You can also download apps from BlueStacks but this requires you to register for a free account either from your Facebook account or with a working email id. This app mainly does send the mobile apps to PC with it’s cloud connect technology.

Transferring Your Android Apps To PC

BlueStacks also enables you to transfer the apps on your Android phone to your PC. You can do this from the Cloud Connect technology, as said above. From the Get More Apps tool, click on Cloud Connect and using the PIN (Personal Identification Number), connect your devices. When you register for the free account, you are provided with a unique PIN via email and this PIN should be used to connect your Android phone to your computer. Now, get your Android Smartphone and in the apps market, search for BlueStacks Cloud Connect and install the app. You can send selected apps to your PC from your Smartphone using this feature.

To transfer apps, open the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app on your Android device and on the screen, you can see the list of all installed apps on your phone. Select the required apps that are to be sent and click on Sync button. All these apps can be accessed on the PC under the Get More Apps menu.

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