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It has been long time that services like Buffer, SproutSocial, Hootsuite and such have hit the market. In a world where it has become very important to be actively present on social networking sites, where social media has become one of the most powerful media ever, and free too, it is also very important to properly manage your social media accounts to have a better reach. Services that help you monitor, analyze, track and schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram accounts are already on the go. Businesses are making the best of them. Talking about social media, how can I forget Instagram! Probably the most powerful picture sharing platform we have today. Brands and businesses have already started marketing them on Instagram. If your business isn’t on Instagram yet, you should probably get an account right now. Audience always loves to know more about the brand, and Instagram is one such place where you can directly engage with your audience, post behind-the-screen pictures and try to engage them.

Now that we know why we should have an Instagram account, it should also be understood that manually posting pictures on Instagram every day from time to time for a longer run is a tedious task. Wouldn’t it be so easy if there is a service like Buffer for Instagram too? Well, we have it now!

Introducing TakeOff – A Fresh Instagramming Experience

TakeOff Instagram Scheduler

One of the very few apps that lets you schedule posts for Instagram, TakeOff is definitely one of the very well designed apps. A free app with which you can schedule up to ten posts per day, TakeOff takes the overall Instagramming experience to another level.

And it’s very simple to get started with TakeOff. Sign in with your Instagram account and you can see the page where you can add new photos to the schedule. To set a frequency, tap the ‘gear’ icon on the bottom and you can set the number of posts per day anywhere from one to ten.

TakeOff Instagram Scheduler

To schedule a photo, simply tap ‘plus‘ icon and select the photo from your phone, add description, tags and save it. Did I mention that adding tags to your posts is simply amazing with TakeOff?

TakeOff Tags Instagram Scheduler

Once you add the photo and save it, you can see all the photos you’ve scheduled on the app’s home screen. Since TakeOff is just a scheduler app, you need to have Instagram installed on your phone. You need to first click a photo/select one from your phone, add filters (if any), then add caption and tags to the photo just like you do it on the native Instagram app. The photo is then saved to your phone so that TakeOff can use it to post directly.

You can just tap on the picture to edit it, or delete it before it is posted.


And the best part- TakeOff also supports multiple accounts. So you need to sign out from your personal profile to post something on your business’s account or otherwise. Add multiple accounts by tapping on your profile photo in the app and simply switch between them whenever you want.

Download TakeOff for Android / iPhone

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