How To Search Subreddits on Reddit to Increase Website Traffic

In our previous post i have discussed about Reddit and how its a powerful back linking tool to gain enormous traffic to your blog. Now it’s quite important that if you want the real audience to reach you must submit your links to the right sub-Reddit.

What is a Subreddit?

A Sub-Reddit is actually a custom sub forum on Reddit where links related to a particular field are collected and displayed.What makes them so very special is the fact that you can make a subreddit about anything and make it private or public. Subreddits allow you to follow very specific areas of interest.

How to search Subreddits on Reddit?

Well there are hundreds of Sub-Reddit that continuously feed the Reddit community. Finding the right Sub-Reddit would help you to reach for links of your interest and submit links to the right community.Well one of the easiest way to find the Sub-Reddit is to look for the main theme of your post and search it on the Reddit to see where others are submitting the similar posts.

If you are submitting a link to Reddit make sure that you don’t just submit it to the main Reddit or else your link would be lost in the millions of the links. Try to find the right SubReddits and submit it there to gain the most of the attention required.

Find A SubReddit List

Well if you want to submit your post to a Sub-Reddit you can always use following sites to find the appropriate Sub-Reddit.

Use Reddit to search for SubReddit

official sub-redditWell Reddit maintains a list of the most active Sub-Reddit, that have been active on the front page recently. You can browse and also search for the appropriate Reddit over there using the search bar.

Using The List of Sub-Reddit

Alternatively there are these three very best sources that maintain a list of the SubReddits:

MetaReddit is the most organized of the three sites that I am going to mention here.The site has a very simple and minimalistic design that makes it quite user-friendly. You can search through subreddits by keyword, tags, or logo.You can even monitor all new comments, submission titles and self-texts posted to Reddit for a word or phrase using its monitor feature.


SubReddits also provide a list of the popular SubReddits with the most popular ones displayed on the front page. The site has a very clean look.

Sub-Reddit Finder

Sub-Reddit Finder is also a good source to find the Sub-Reddit with many tools. Although i found this site a bit confusing to use.The site also offers many filtered results like ‘What Reddit are hot ?’ and much more.

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