How to secretly record others’ conversations using their Galaxy Note 8?

If you have a Galaxy Note or any other Galaxy S device that’s running Android 4.0 and above, you could use this guide to secretly record conversations of people around you. Just remember that this is one of those things where you have to be careful if you don’t want to face the humiliation of getting caught while snooping on someone.

Most of all, if you are going to record the secret conversations of your acquaintance, spouse or some colleague, you could also face serious repercussions for doing so. And to be on the safer side, always take a legal consent of a person that you think could barge you with a legal response (like a spouse on the verge of separation or an employee whose phone has been secretly snooped.

Retrospectively, there aren’t many instances where stringent legal actions were taken for snooping on cell phones of children, spouse or employees. It’s because employers are now making workplace monitoring, particularly cell phone monitoring, a vital clause of the work contract. Meanwhile, it’s rare that a husband, wife or even a child goes to the police for this. But still, you got to play safe.

What options do you have?

Apart from taking a legal consent of the target person, you could always choose to make decisions that come with a collateral. For instance, if you use Xnspy spyware, it’s 100% discreet, so you won’t really be faced with the possibility of getting under the legal radar. Once you download and install Xnspy on the target Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9, you can completely hide the app on the phone. Once done, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Below is the aforementioned app’s dashboard from where you can record and listen to others’ conversations. If you need everything step-by-step, check the following.

Step 1: install Xnspy

Download and install the spyware on target Note 8 or Note 9 device. Remember that you can use Xnspy on all Android and not just Samsung devices. While you are setting up the app on a phone, make sure you give the app access to phone’s microphone.

Step 2: Access Your Online Dashboard

Go to your online dashboard. You can do that by signing in at You’ll have your sign-in credentials once you have Xnspy’s subscription.

Step 3: Send a remote command

Once you get acquainted with the online control panel, find the “Remote control” tab and open it. Select “Record Surround” from the next screen and enter the duration for which you want to record the surroundings of the monitored smartphone. With a single command, you can usually record the surroundings for up to 30 minutes.

Step 4: Access to the recordings

Once you are done recording the surroundings. You can access those recordings from your Xnspy dashboard by accessing the “Record Surround” tab. Click on a recording to listen to it online or right click to download the linked file.

Spyware such as Xnspy offers a wide array of spying features. While you can record the surroundings, the app automatically records all the incoming and outgoing calls too so you could listen to everything happening on or around a phone.

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