Send Free SMS To Friends Using The NEW Google SMS Service

Back in March Google introduced their SMS chat feature in Google Talk widget that appears in your Gmail. The service is same as an instant messenger that is Google Talk, but here you chat and reply via SMS. This feature was initially introduced in the US and Google silently introduced this feature in India. I can really add that even I didn’t know about this feature as this feature was a sudden implementation of Google. The Google SMS feature is really beneficial in areas where you don’t have internet connection and this facility lets you chat with your friends via SMS.

Google SMS feature is only supported by handful of mobile operators like Aircel, IDEA, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom, and Vodafone (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujrat, Andra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, and other North-East states).

To send an SMS via Google Talk Widget you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Google Talk in your Gmail.
How To Send Free SMS To Friends Through Google SMS Service
  • Click on the contact, to which you want to send SMS.
  • A chat dialogue-box will appear in the desired contact. In the chat dialogue-box click on More, and you’ll see the option to Send Text (SMS). Click on this option to open a new dialogue-box.
How To Send Free SMS To Friends Through Google SMS Service
  • In the new dialogue box enter the number of the person to which you want to send an SMS.
How To Send Free SMS To Friends Through Google SMS Service
  • After adding the number you can send messages whenever you want.
How To Send Free SMS To Friends Through Google SMS Service

There is something which you need to know about Google SMS services before using it blindly. Don’t worry it’s totally secure, but for every free service there are some terms and conditions applied to them.

What are these terms and conditions for Google SMS service

As you may have noticed that in the above image, there is something shown as credits. The maximum credit that you can have is 50. Every SMS you send via Google SMS service reduces your credits by 1. Now you may be thinking how is this helpful and how can you increase your credits. As I mentioned before the maximum credit for any Gmail account is 50, but every reply you receive of SMS sent through the Google SMS service will add 5 credits till it reaches its maximum limit that is 50 credits.

Features of Google SMS service

  • The service is free but works with a limited amount of credit from Google which cannot be topped up manually by purchasing credits.
  • The person who replies to an SMS initiated from Google Chat will be charged 1 credit for every reply.
  • If a person replies to your SMS chat, you will get 5 extra credits from Google until the total is 50 again.
  •  Limited mobile operator support as of now.
  • Gives an ability to chat with a person who does not have access to the Internet.

Closing Words: The introduction of Google SMS service can be really helpful for people living in areas with no internet access, as it gives you the facility to chat with your friends and loved ones via SMS.

You can check out their official support page for more information.

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