How To Send Text Messages From Your Desktop Using Pushbullet

I’m sure all of us here have heard of the app Pushbullet if not used it. For those of you who haven’t used it, let me give you a brief introduction. Pushbullet is an app that forwards all your smartphone’s notifications onto your desktop or your laptop. In order to do this, you have to install the app on your smartphone and on Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop and sign into the same Google account on both the devices. Once you do that, all the notifications headed to your phone will be forwarded to Chrome whenever you’re using it.



Now that you know what it is, lets us get back to the article. The makers of Pushbullet are rolling out a new update.  And this update brings a new feature that lets you compose and send new text messages right from your laptop. Yes, you heard it right.

This feature was earlier absent from Pushbullet but you could still reply to text messages from the Chrome extension of the app. When a text was received on your smartphone, a window would pop up on your Chrome window with an option to reply to the message but now, you can compose new text messages.


In order to send a text message from your computer, just click on the Pushbullet icon in the upper right corner of your chrome window and a window like the one pictured above will pop up. Go to the SMS section and you will see the fields for typing in a contact number and the body of the text message. Once done, you just have to click the send button and bingo, the text is sent. For those who’re not very good at remembering numbers, do not worry. Just type in the first few digits of the phone number and the auto-complete feature will automatically look up your smartphone’s directory and bring up the relevant contacts.

Think this feature is being intrusive with your personal life? Disable it by going into the Settings on your smartphone and disable the SMS Phonebook Autocomplete feature and the contacts won’t automatically pop up anymore.

Pushbullet is one app that can prove to be very useful. I can’t say for the rest of you but I always tend to completely ignore the calls and messages on my smartphone when I’m working on my laptop and later find some of these were very important. So for a guy like me, this app is very useful and with the added feature of being able to compose a text message right from your computer, it is one app we strongly suggest you must download if you’re currently not using. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and for iPhone from Apple Store.

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