How To Set Picture Password In Windows 8

If you would like to make your PC more secure, you can make use of one of the most innovative features of Windows 8 – a picture password for your login screen. Once you set it up, you will no longer need to worry about people hacking your passwords and accessing your computer. You will have to perform three gestures on the picture that you want to use as your password, which can be either selecting, resizing, creating straight lines or circles. Here are the steps for setting a picture password in Windows 8:

1. Open the Control Panel from the Metro Start Screen of Windows 8.

2. Select Users from the Control options and click on Create a picture password button.

3. You will be asked to enter your current Windows Login password before you can proceed to set a picture password. Enter your current Windows Login Password and click OK.

4. Click on the Choose Picture button to navigate to the folder where you have the picture you want to use as your password. Alternatively you can also choose from one of the sample pictures displayed on the screen.

5. You need to perform 3 gestures to create a pattern on the screen. The patterns could be made by selecting, resizing, or creating straight lines & circles.

6. Once you have made a pattern, you need to repeat the same pattern for confirmation.

Voila! You have successfully setup a Picture Password. You will have to draw the same pattern every time you login to Windows from now on.

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