Windows 10 mail

Setting up email account becomes easier on Windows 10 with revamped “Mail” application. Although, the stable version is still under development, yet, users can take a look at the new Mail app of upcoming Windows 10 on the Technical Preview version. The Mail app now supports different email service providers and IMAP enabled accounts.

Windows 10 mail

This simply means, you are now able to use multiple and different email accounts simultaneously on Windows 10. If you want to use multiple email accounts on Windows 10 using the in-built Mail app, here is a tutorial that will assist you to set up everything. Although, the setup doesn’t require an expert knowledge, yet, you need to follow this guide since some internal options have been changed since Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

How to set up multiple email accounts on Windows 10?

If you are following this guide, that means, you have already set up your first account and this guide is just for you. To add the second account in Mail app of Windows 10, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open up your Mail app and click on the Settings button that looks like a gear icon.

Windows 10 mail app settings

Step 2: Select Accounts and click on Add account.

Add new account

Step 3: Select what kind of account you wish to add. You can add Office 365, Outlook, Google, iCloud, IMAP/POP etc.

email account provider selection

Step 4: After that, enter your log in credentials and sing in to the Mail app.

Step 5: After signing in, you will get a message that looks like the following,

let windows store credential

It asks you to save the log in credential to your Windows PC so that you can use them faster in future.

Step 6: Again click on the Settings icon and go to Accounts.

select email account to pin

Step 7: Select Email account and add a name.

This is as simple as said. There is no such complex settings.

By default, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 display only one live tile on the Metro screen (Windows 8/8.1) and Start Menu (Windows 10). If you want to add live tile for multiple email accounts, here is a simple guide. By making use of this tutorial, you would be able to pin multiple live tiles for more than one email account.

In this way, you will not have to navigate through a long path to open second, third or fourth email account. You will be able to open any account by clicking on the tile.

To add live tile for more than one email account, just following the following steps.

How to Pin Different Live Tile on Start Menu for Different Email Account?

Step 1: open up your Mail app and click on the Newly named email account in the left pane or select the email account that you want to pin on the Start Menu of Windows 10.

select gmail

Step 9: Right click on the account and select Pin to Start.

Pin to start

Now, your email account will be added to the Start Menu.

multiple live tile for email accounts

That’s it! Hope this little tutorial will help you a lot.

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