Well setting up a  local server in your local system can at times prove really beneficial if you are working on a your website design. Moreover to create designs for CMS like WordPress, Joomla,and Drupal etc the use of a server is a must. This post we are gonna see how to setup a simple Apache server in our system.

Setting up a server in a Windows system

To setup a remote server in windows the best and perhaps the easiest option available is to use WAMP server. WAMP server is a collection of tools like Apache 2.2.17 ,Php 5.3.3 ,Mysql 5.1.53 ,Mysql 5.5.8 (version 32 bits) ,PhpMyadmin, SQLBuddy 1.3.2 etc.
Its easy to install and use.

To install a WAMP server Download the latest installation package from this link :

DOWNLOAD WampServer 2.1e (32 bits)

DOWNLOAD WampServer 2.1d (64 bits)

The next step would be to install it on your system, by default it will install to C:wamp  directory in your system.

To get your server online click on Start >> All Programs >> wamp >> wamp You will notice a small icon of wampserver in your taskbar Left click on it to and choose “Put online” and then your server is Online, for local system at least.

Now open your browser and type “localhost” or and you will see your setup screen to configure various programs.

To set a website place all its related files in a folder and place it in the directory C:wampwww . Like suppose my website is about fruits then i will place all the related html and css files in a folder fruits and then place this folder in above mentioned directory , The next step would be to simply open my broweser and open the location http:localhostfruits and then the browser will display the site as if it was online.

To install a CMS like drupal and WordPress place all the related files of the installation setup in a folder and keep it in the Directory C:wampwww then just Open your browser and browse to that folder using http:localhostdirectory_of_cms and then follow the instructions as per the CMS you want to install. You may need to create the mySql database for some CMS installation that can be done easily through mySQL plugin in WAMP. Just open http:localhost choose mySQL and create the database .

To install the server in a Linux

To install a server in a Linux the suggested package is LAMP, which is actually acronym for LINUX,Apache,mySQL, and PHP.

Actually WAMP and MAMP are two special forms of modified LAMP server for Windows and Mac.

To install LAMP visit this tutorial here  www.lamphowto.com/

To install the server in a Mac

To install a server in a Mac one can use MAMP server here M stands for Mac and the rest is same.

The procedure is same as that for WAMP server. MAMP requires that your Mac is running Mac OS X 10.4.x or later.

After downloading the installation cick on the disk image to install it and then install the MAMP folder by copying it into the Mac OS X “Applications” directory. Launch MAMP.app located at /Applications/MAMP/MAMP.app

For installing wordpress using MAMP refer to this link at codex : http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_Locally_on_Your_Mac_With_MAMP

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