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What is Google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.

  1. You get to know how Google sees your site and diagnose the problems
  2. You can discover your link and query traffic, and download data on internal and external links.
  3. Share site maps with Google to help it crawl your site better.
  4. Receive suggestions on HTML and page speed of your site.
  5. If your site is powered by WordPress, you get notifications about the updates.
  6. If your site is infected with malware, you get reports on what page are affected.

Instructions on how to setup Google Webmaster Tools for your website

Step 1  : The first and foremost is the setting up of a Google account. And after creating it you need to Sign in. If you already have a google account directly sign in here.

Google Webmaster

Step 2 : Once you signed in, you will be allowed to add the URL of your website.

Add a site
Add a site

On Clicking the “Add a Site” button you will be prompted to enter the URL of the website.

Step 3 : For the sake of understanding, we will be adding site in the URL box.

Url Box

Step 4 : Next you see the latest Google crawl bot that had accessed your site. It displays these pages and  they are indexed into the Google’s database. Moreover you will be asked to verify your website.

Google Crawl bot
Google Crawl bot

Step 5: You will be asked to verify your website via  Various methods :

a. By Adding DNS record to your domain’s configuration

b. By Adding meta tag to the site’s home page

c. By uploading a web page on your server

d. By Linking to your Google Analytics account

We will now select the uploading of an HTML page option because it is easy and simple to understand and operate.

Verify site
Verify site

The following are the steps involved in verification of site

a. You will be given a verification code in the form of an HTML file which you can download.

b. Now upload this file to your hosting.

c. confirm the successful upload by clicking the following link. in your web browser.

If everything goes fine your site will be verified along with the following message

Site Verified
Site Verified

Your webmaster tool has been successfully Configured. Share your views and experience with us.

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