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Do you often use Bible Reference while writing a blog post? Wouldn’t you like it if your references could speak for themselves?

People who write blogs related to Christianity religion often use references from Bible like “Romans 8:28” but there are many people in the world who won’t know what “Romans 8:28” is or what does it say.

Blogging has undoubtedly spread to ever corner of the world. People are blogging about their pets, themselves, their passion and what not. In coming years, blogging is about to transform into a majorly profitable career too. WordPress is one of the leading platforms that allow flexible formatting of content using widgets.

So if you are writing a Christianity blog you would love the plugin RefTagger. With this plugin readers can view the contents of those references by simply hovering over the content.

Step-by-Step to Show Bible References on a Religion WordPress Blog

You would need a self-hosted WordPress blog because WordPress hosted blogs doesn’t support addition of custom plugins.


Step 1 – Log in to your WordPress Admin account and click on the link the left hand sidebar that say “Plugins”. Once the plugin windows is open click on “Add new”.

Step 2 – Now you must see a search box appear, put “RefTagger” in that box and let WordPress search the plugin from a wide range of plugins that it has to offer.

Make sure you spell the plugin correctly or else no results would be returned.

If you are having any problem with that download the RefTagger plugin from WP Directory and upload to your web host using any good FTP client.

Step 3 – Once you find the plugin, click “Install Now”. Once installation is done the RefTagger WordPress plugin would be automatically activated.

Now the plugin is working in your WordPress blog, now it is time to get edit the code and customize it for your Christianity or religion blog.


Step 4 – Now go to “Settings” in your WP Admin sidebar and click on “RefTagger” to edit and customize the plugin.

This simple procedure enables your readers to see the Bible References without having to search the same on Google or any other website. This is Simple and Effective way to use Bible References on a WP blog. This tutorial was brought to you by TheGeekDaily Technologies. Please comment below for questions and queries.

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