[HOW TO] Show Star Ratings on Google SERP

[HOW TO] Show Star Ratings on Google SERP

Google introduced the Rich snippets in their search results a long time ago, in 2009. But still a lot of Bloggers aren’t aware of how to utilize it to drive more traffic from Google Search Results. Like Author image next to contents make good impressions to Googlers. Star rating also added more credibility and a sense of trust to Googlers. Like you can see below how star ratings looks on search results. If you have Google authorship too, your image with name will move at the bottom of the result. So, now you can say that your name is highlighted two times when your single star rating post is indexed

How to Show  Star Ratings in Google Search Results for WordPress?

  • Install & active Author hReview WP Plugin via WordPress Dashboard
  • Goto Settings ‹ Reviews
Now you will be taken to Author hReview Settings. Mark according to your wish if you want to display rating on Homepage or below single post.
You can also increase the width of Review box, choose  Alignment and what color of the button should be?  Below you can see the settings i made for my blog.

author reviews wordpress dashboard

Author reviews works on Single posts

After doing the above configuration it’s still not over that you will get star ratings on all your posts or in a particular post. At the time of creating a new post you will see a panel of  Review Setting Box added at the bottom. In that you are required to enter Name of the product you are reviewing, Product type, Author Name, Product Version, Affiliate Link, Price, Review Summary, Select Rating (our of 5). After publishing the post you would see a new beautiful review box at the starting of your post containing all the details in the review settings.  If you at the Author hReview settings have selected to display rating below single post . You would see a box at the bottom of your post containing summary of the review, Price of the product , Editor rating and More details buttons.

below the post ratings reviews

Additionally with Author hReview plugin, you also get a widget called Recent Reviews Containing all the reviews along with ratings you have done in your WordPress blog.

With author review wordpress plugin you also get recent reviews plugins

If you still have doubt whether you have done all the things alright. You can use the Google Rich Snippets tools to see whether your posts are having star ratings or not.

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  1. I always wondered how these stars appeared. Now I know and I am going to get myself this plug in. I think that it is definitely an asset to have. Especially when it comes to organic searches. Thanks a million

  2. This is great information and will certainly use it. However what I am trying to find out is how to get Author photo to show up in Google SERP. Like you have on your example.

    Any help appreciated.

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