speed up your computer boot time

Everyone wants speed, be it a car, travel, service, phone or computer. But often times our computers become slow and waster our time and bring down our productivity. One way to improve your computer using experience is to reduce the system startup time ( Boot time ). Most of the times, the reason for slow boot time is programes that are added to the system startup. This guide helps you reduce your computer startup time.

speed up your computer boot time

Start with BIOS settings

Keeping newbies in mind the default settings in BIOS is made friendly for us. But it won’t help us in all situations. Almost everything is enabled in BIOS settings which you won’t use any longer and which is responsible for creating delay at boot time. If you disable some of them, I mean a second boot device, third boot device etc., it can save our time while starting up.

Boot settings

To do so, firstly keep hitting the Del button immediately you start the computer. It will take you directly in to BIOS settings. Here you can see lots of things which consume time while staring your computer. According my suggestion you can enable Quick boot option. Cross check whether first boot is device is hard Disk or something else. Kindly make the first boot device into Hard Disk. This thing will make your computer to forget about CD Drive and USB while booting . So, it will directly boot the operating system from Hard Drive leaving the CD Drive and USB which helps to speed up your computer boot time.

Making Windows Services calm for some time

If you’re not aware of which software you need and what you’re installing on your computer, then it leads to increase items in startup tray. Though you can see your desktop after starting the computer, you can’t do your work immediately because of window services. They start consuming time after loading the computer completely. I won’t say those services are useless for us but those are not mandatory. There is not rush with them, it can take their own time. But they always try to be at first and start performing immediately after starting the computer.

Best example is Windows Update. We know updates are important, which can make a computer safer and faster. But what the heck it checks for updates immediately after turning on the computer leaving some important tasks. Can’t it check for updates after some time? The answer is YES, But we have to change it, that is what we’re doing now.

Go to Control Panel and then to administrator tools and Click Services

Here you can see lots of services active on your computer. Find the right service which you fee is not necessary on start up. For example in case I found my Printer, Scanner, Webcam and Anti Virus


Simply double click the service and change Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start)

Services properties

services delayed

In some case it can save huge time and helps to speed up your computer boot time

Cleaning programs on Startup

I think you have installed dozens of softwares on your computer for any need or even by mistake. You can have an entire list of those softwares at control panel > Add or Remove Programs. You might have forget to untick a check box which appears while installing that software which make that software runs on Start up. If that list increase, you will see delay in boot time. However you can remove them now to speed up your computer boot time.

To do so, Press Win+R and type msconfig and hit enter. Now navigate to the Startup tab. Here you can see all things that start up on every boot. Go through them and untick the softwares which you feel no need to start on every boot. In my case I found Drop box, Facebook messenger, Nokia PC suite and torrent

Clear Startup

Upgrading RAM

RAM is also called Random Axes Memory. Small amount of data is stored in this RAM, which is responsible to start any PC. RAM indirectly speed up the PC boot time. The more RAM you have the more Speed is with you.

Operating System

Operating systems

The operating system also plays a major role in Booting time. When compared to Ubuntu and Linux, Windows takes more time to boot a computer. If you’re familiar with all these operating systems you can shift from windows operating system to Ubuntu or Linux

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